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   Chapter 372 Extra Story The Lover Prisoned By The King Of The Underworld 27 (Part Two)

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 5458

Updated: 2020-04-14 00:06

As Brian took the bottle from Elmore's hand, he frowned and said, "don't drink it."

"Wine is a good thing." After Elmore let out a belch, he slumped into the sofa. Brian said nothing, but looked at Elmore with deep eyes.

After more than ten minutes, some thin sweat began to seep from Elmore's forehead, and his face turned pale. Brian slightly frowned, and went over to help Elmore get up and send him to the hospital. After that, he took out Elmore's mobile phone and called Sherry's mobile phone. The phone was turned off, and Brian called Elmore's villa.

In the villa, Sherry tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. She didn't eat anything today, but she didn't feel hungry at all. The light in the room was purple, and she didn't know why she kept the light in the room.

A hasty knock on the door sent a shiver down her spine. With some expectations, Sherry sat up and prepared to get out of bed.

No, Elmore had the key, and she didn't lock it. And if he wanted to come in, he never needed to knock.

"Miss Xia, something is wrong with Master. Please open the door!" Mrs. Wu's voice sounded outside the door. Sherry was stunned for half a second before she got off the bed in a hurry, even not wearing shoes. She opened the door and asked anxiously, "where is he?"

"Hospital." Mrs. Wu replied immediately. Sherry bypassed Mrs. Wu and walked towards the gate, but Mrs. Wu held her arm. She said, "Miss Xia, you'd better put on your shoes first and change your clothes. I'm afraid that he will curse me when he sees you dressing like this. "

Sherry looked down at her pajamas. She was wearing a white o

r on the table and patted him on the chest. Her cold voice softened as she asked, "are you feeling better?"

"Yes." His voice was horribly hoarse as if it was on fire. Sherry hastily gave him the water.

"Why do you turn off your phone?" After drinking two large glasses of water, Elmore's throat finally recovered a lot.

Hearing that, Sherry lowered her head slightly. The woman's voice on the other end of the phone sent a chill to her heart. She wanted to speak to him in a cold tone, but when she met his eyes, which were filled with sadness, she softened her heart and whispered, "I am afraid of disturbing you and others."

Although his voice was soft, it was powerful.

Elmore cursed Eleven in his heart for hundreds of times. It was all because of his bad idea. He said that it could arouse women's jealousy and make them realize that she cared about him. But before he could let Sherry realize this, she had ruthlessly hung up the phone.

He couldn't figure out whether she was jealous or not from her tone of speaking Did she really have no feelings for him at all?

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