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   Chapter 317 The Kidnapping Before The Wedding Ceremony

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10334

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As expected, the day before the wedding was coming. For the wedding of brother and sister, the kindergarten was deprived of days, and Olivia, Charles and Galen were waiting at the gate.

The two men who looked very honest walked to Olivia and Charles and asked with a simple smile, "are they Olivia and Charles? Master and Madam are busy. They want me to take you home. "

Looking at them suspiciously, Galen was about to take out his mobile phone and make a call to Kate to confirm it. Seeing this, that man thought that it was not good to do that, so he immediately picked up Galen, and the other man carried Olivia and Charles, then walked a long way to the opposite side of the road with another hand.

The two men covered their mouths with their hands. They couldn't call for help. What was worse, the man had covered their faces on purpose, which made them look like a father who was dealing with a naughty child.

The three children were thrown to the back seats of the car and the car drove away immediately. Olivia had never seen this scene before and was frightened to cry. "Let us get out of the car. I want mommy, I want Daddy, Daddy..."

Seeing her crying, the man in the copilot immediately put a towel in her mouth and gave her a fierce look as a warning.

Soon after the man left, Kate and Lily came to the school gate together, but they didn't see the three children. When they got out of the car, they saw several teachers anxiously waiting for something.

Seeing Kate get off the car, the teacher quickly walked up to her and said, "Miss Luo, I heard that Olivia, Charles and Galen had been taken away by two men."

Kate's mind went blank for a few seconds before she responded.

"Have you called the police?" Kate hastily pulled the teacher's clothes and asked. The teacher's face was pale with fright. She nodded quickly and said, "I've called the police."

"Kate, let's go and look for them." Raising her eyebrows, Lily held Kate's hand and tried to say it in a low voice.

Kate nodded her head in panic. At the same time, she took out her phone and made a call to Brian. If the teacher hadn't told her that they were taken away, she would have thought that they were just wandering around.

"Kitten, don't move. I'll be right there." Said Brian in a serious tone.

Kate had to nod. She held her fist tightly and comforted herself over and over again not to be anxious. Maybe the gangster just wanted money.

As long as the child would not die, she would give them whatever they could do.

It wasn't long before Brian's car stopped in front of Kate. He got out of the car and hugged her into his arms. He patted her on the back and said: "it's okay. Don't worry."

His gentle voice and undulating chest indicated how hurried he was and how worried he was.

He didn't expect that they dared to kidnap his children at this time.

They split up to look for Olivia and Charles and didn't see any of them. But the gangsters didn't call her, and Kate held her phone, with each move of it would frighten her.

If the kidnappers didn't want money,

n at her and said, "Claire, next time, it won't be as simple as leaving the footprint on your face."

Without thinking too much, when Kate and the two kids walked out of the factory's gate, the fire engine and police had already arrived and were in a hurry. Olivia cried and pulled the corner of Kate's clothes and asked, "where is brother Galen? Where is he?"

Hearing that, Kate didn't know how to reply. The reason why Claire kidnapped them was to stop Brian from marrying her, and the target of Lydia was Galen.

"Don't worry. Galen will be back." Kate had to bend down and kiss Olivia's beautiful hair, then she coaxed her in a soft voice.

Overwhelmed by fear, Lily picked up Charles. It was really a critical moment. She was scared to death. "Charles, it's all right. It's all right."

Charles looked at his sister without saying anything.

They still couldn't find Galen from that day, not even the dead body. He seemed to have vanished from this world. After checking that room, Brian found an underground passage.

Maybe, Galen had already been taken away by Lydia.

After that, Brian also investigated the whereabouts of Lydia, but he could not find her.

After bringing the two kids back to the Li clan's mansion, Olivia kept crying and refused to eat. Even Charles was in silence. Lily was putting on a show, and Kate was making a face. Even Mary was luring her with delicious food, but all was in vain.

The kidnap incident was serious. Claire was took away by police. Hearing from Lily, Claire would be in prison for at least twenty years. Brian must have done something.

Kate felt a little speechless. Fortunately, she was a good person and she didn't annoy Brian. Z city was just an exclusive empire of Brian. She couldn't help but wonder if Brian could do anything he wanted in Z city

After all, many things had happened today. At night, Olivia and Charles would sleep with Kate. Olivia and Charles were asleep when Brian came back. Kate was reading a book on the table. But when Brian walked over, Kate was asleep too.

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