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   Chapter 315 The Reunion At The Mid-autumn Festival

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Though Kate's laugh was clear and melodious, it was a little weird in this desolate street.

Brian didn't need to ask her. Lily ran up to Kate out of curiosity. She stared at Kate's face and asked, "what are you laughing at?"

"Nothing.." Kate glanced at Brian's soft face and said with a smile, "I just think your brother is like an emperor."

Everyone was silent for a moment. There was a sudden pain on Kate's forehead. With his index finger still on her forehead, Brian naturally smiled and explained, "mosquitoes."

Kate's eyes twitched, 'it's time to sleep for mosquitoes in such a bad weather.'. She rolled her eyes at Brian, bent her knees, kicked in the direction of Brian back and jumped on it.

She put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear with a smile, "honey, carry me home."

With an unprecedented tenderness on his face, Brian gently responded to her. Then he slowly walked along the orderly arranged street lamps.

He was her back that could prevent all the storms and burdens for her. Kate lied on his strong back in peace of mind and couldn't help recalling the first time she was carried on Brian's back.

Her lips were full of happiness.

When she returned to the Li family's mansion, Kate finally woke up. She really had a sound sleep just now, and she dreamed that they were all living happily together. They were the happiest family in the world.

"Present! I want a gift! " As soon as the four entered the house, they were under siege by the children, and the only one who were more troublesome was Olivia. Charles and Galen were just watching aside indifferently.

After Kate glanced at Charles and Galen, she thought that since Charles was a boring boy, and Brian was also boring, how could Olivia marry another boring boy in this family?

Should she think twice about marry Olivia to Galen? Kate looked at Galen thoughtfully, who was terrified by her mysterious expression

After the dinner, everyone took a chair and went to the top floor to enjoy the moon. During the dinner, Colin told everyone that Lily was pregnant.

Stunned for a moment, William and Mary's faces lit up with joy. Immediately, Mary pulled Lily to her side and asked her with concern.

Seeing that her mother was so familiar with other children, Kate curled her lips in discontent. Lily pretended to be so obedient, as if she wanted to make Kate angry. They were a mother and daughter who really loved each other.

"Kate, come and talk to mom." Being ignored for a while, Kate was summoned by Mary. Kate was going to proudly refuse Mary, but when he caught a glimpse of Mary's meaningful eyes, Kate lost his courage and leaned against her.

At the top floor, there were divided into three group. Lily, Mary and her were the women's gangs. William, his sons were the men's group, while Olivia, Charles and Galen were the children's group. Kate took a glance at Lily's belly. The Li family would have another baby soon.

In order to celebrate the M

nal herbs from the gift box given by Colin. A red lotus. She skillfully crushed the lotus and the bright red liquid was clear. She put the liquid into another bowl and added other herbs.

After that, Kate put aside the medicine and continued the acupuncture to Brian.

During the whole process, Brian's eyes were fixed on her. Compared with five years ago, she was more serious and rigorous, more capable, and from time to time she would unconsciously frown.

After applying the medicine on Brian's arm, Kate wiped the sweat off her face with ease. The medicine that Colin sent was not necessary, but with this taste, it would be easier.

'How loyal Colin is! For now, I has forgiven his previous mistakes. I've heard from Mary that Colin has done a lot for the Li group in the past five years.' Kate thought.

When Kate was cleaning, she finally noticed Brian's blazing eyes. A few seconds later, she quickly turned her eyes around and looked somewhere else.

Brian smiled. He pulled her into his arms, and kissed her earlobe purposely. He whispered, "kitten, can we have another child?"

It was a pity for Brian that he didn't see the baby grow up little by little.

With a red face, Kate lowered her head. After a long while, she looked up at him and said in a muffled voice: "no, I don't want a baby. You have no idea how hard it is to have a baby."

"Thank you, honey." Brian held her tighter and kissed her as light as a feather on the cheek, soft and seductive.

Kate tittered. She turned around and put her arms around his waist, with her head on his chest. They could feel the warmth from his hug, which made the air in the room warm and sweet.

Brian did not allow her to refuse. He held her waist, and easily pressed her on the bed, and hot kisses fell down.

They all became a little different in the past five years, but their love for each other didn't decrease at all. It was even thicker and thicker as time went on, like the mellow wine in the cellar.

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