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   Chapter 311 Let Go Of The Past

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The Mid-Autumn Festival

Kate couldn't help but look at Brian. His face darkened and he sat there without saying anything. It reminded her of his mother's death on mid-autumn.

"Let's eat, Mary," William picked up a piece of bread and put it in Mary's bowl. He smiled awkwardly.

Noticing the awkward atmosphere, Mary switched the subject. After eating, Brian said goodbye to them and left the table. Kate glanced at his back and didn't follow him.

After the breakfast, Lily packed up the Bento and was about to send it to Colin. Before she left, she glared at Kate as if she was blaming her for keeping her second brother in the company.

Kate's wronged It was obviously a mistake of Brian

Watching Lily dashing out of the door, Kate sighed helplessly and went back to the study to comfort the depressed man.

When she opened the study's door, Kate saw that Brian was leaning against the window and looking at the picture in his hand with his dark eyes. His handsome eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. Kate felt sorry for him and slowly walked up to him.

Sensing that Kate was coming in, Brian put down the photos and turned around to look at her.

"What are you looking at?" Kate paused a little and asked with a smile.

"Nothing." Lack of interest, Brian turned and strode to the desk, trying to hide the photo.

Kate quickly walked behind him, stretching out her hands to take the photo from him. But before she could do that, Brian put the photo into the drawer, turned around and held her in his arms.

"Check this out!" Kate frowned and looked up at him with displeasure.

Every time they stood face to face, Kate would find that this man was really tall, a head taller than her, and that every time she looked up at him.

"There is nothing to see." Said Brian in an indifferent tone, ready to drag her away.

"I just want to take a look at it." Kate held the corner of the desk with her both hands and didn't move. She had a vague idea of what photos Brian was looking at, but she didn't want the scar to be hidden in Brian's heart for the rest of his life.

Brian paused and looked down at her. The look in his eyes became somewhat gloomy. Kate looked at this man, and could not help but swallow, but she still bit the bullet and said, "do you know how to completely recover if you get hurt? After the wound was exposed to the air, it could naturally recover, and the new skin would be even more solid than before. Hiding the wound in a dark heart would make it slowly decay You'll never be fine forever. "

When Brian was in a trance, Kate went under his armpit, opened the drawer and took out the photo. It was a photo of Brian and Jean twenty years ago.

This photo was clearer than the one in Brian's villa. It was a photo of Jean. She was really pretty, with bright eyes, elegant demeanor and a slight smile. She was more slender, dressing in a cheongsam of the R

e of his rough fingers. He said in a slow voice, "I know."

Kate simply nodded and put the photo into the drawer. She looked at him with a big smile on her face, "it's good for you to know that. Look, do you feel much better to have me share the burden for you?"

As she spoke, she put her arms around Brian's neck for credit.

"Yes." The love in Brian's eyes was as deep and dark as ink. Seeing that she was in a daze, Brian took the opportunity to bend over and hold her slender waist, precisely grabbing her lips.

The moment he kissed she, Kate closed her eyes, her cheeks flushed, her lips rosy, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly, which was as light and beautiful as the wings of a butterfly.

This girl was the most precious thing in his life.

There was unprecedented tenderness in Brian's expression. Before Kate could react, his kiss fell again. She screamed in her heart, 'what's wrong with this man? Kissing maniac!

After a long time, Brian finally let her go. Kate curled up in his arms, her tiny body scratching his bare chest with her two small hands. This woman had no idea that what she did was totally encouraging him

As soon as she felt that Brian was staring at her, Kate stood straight and pretended to be shocked, saying, "Oh, I have an appointment with Lily. I am late. I have to go now." With that, Kate jumped off his arms. Fearing that this rude girl would be knocked down, Brian held her waist and stood up too.

As Brian stood up, Kate fell into his arms again, and he whispered in her ear charmingly, "you are mine today."

Kate, who was teased by him, had no courage to look up at him. She could only lower her head silently and look at her fluffy little cotton shoes. She could not help cursing herself in her heart, "You are already an old couple and even have children. Why are you so shy?"

Though she thought so, Kate still allowed him to flirt with her and do what he want.

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