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   Chapter 310 Calm Life

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Just as Colin said, the other members of the Leng family had no time to care about where Galen went. Olivia, Charles and Galen had become good friends. Seeing them get along so well with each other, Kate could not help but feel happy for them.

Lily returned to the school under the instructions of Colin. They didn't return to the Li family mansion until weekends. Kate heard that Lily didn't live in the dormitory, but bought a house near the school.

Sometimes, Kate would take the three kids to the apartment to visit Lily. But she had never wanted to see Lily after going there a few times They would be their third wheel

At home, Kate was still a housewife: picking up a child, reading medical books and doing massage for Brian.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

The situation in the Leng family was getting better. Some elders were going to take Galen home. Though Kate was reluctant, she had to say goodbye to Galen since he were their children.

But Galen still often went back to the Li clan's mansion. It didn't have much impact on their relationship.

In the evening, as usual, Kate was injected. After finishing the injection, she was so tired that she lied down on the sofa. Brian took her into his arms, bowed his head and kissed her lip. "Are you tired recently?"

After a yawn, Kate answered him: "I'm fine."

Today, the kids went out with Mary and they also slept with her. They had such a pair of idle grandparents, so Kate didn't need to worry about Charles and Olivia. What's more, Galen was sensible. She could ask him to help look after Olivia and Charles.

"Kitten, you are getting lazier." Brian rubbed her hair in a good mood, and gently moved up her thin cherry lips. Kate put her arms around his waist and said with a smile, "you've been diligent. It's easy to support me."

Looking at the girl in his arms who looked like a little girl, with deep love in his eyes, Brian lowered his head, grabbed her lips and gave her a deep kiss.

Outside the window, the night was deep, and since it was almost fifteen, the bright moon was like a jade plate hanging high in the sky, crystal and without any dust.

The mid autumn of the next year came.

It reminded Kate of the mid-autumn five years ago. She was snuggling up to the rail with Brian. Until now, she could still clearly remember the sadness and hatred of Brian at that night.

Would he still hate her now?

Kate raised her head slightly and looked at his cool and handsome face in the moonlight. She didn't expect that he was still awake. When their eyes met, Kate blushed and lowered her head quickly.

Looking at the fluffy hair top, Brian suddenly wanted to know how she had lived in the past five years. He wanted to know if she had thought of him and whether she had planned to come back early.

Before he could ask, Kate asked first, "what have you been thinking about every night in the past five years?"

Her voice was low, which was very clear in the quiet bedroom. Without hearing his answer, Kate

me back home early in the morning. Seeing Kate walking down the stairs, she ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Kate, long time no see. I miss you so much!"

Then, Kate pulled down Lily who was clinging to her and thought that this young lady was becoming less and less graceful.

"Brother, good morning," After she hugged Kate, Lily greeted to Brian with a sweet smile on her face. After taking a glance at her, Brian turned around and walked towards the sofa. Lily quickly followed him and hugged his arm. "Brother, call my second brother back. We are going out together."

Kate giggled and knew that she was hiding something. She glanced around the whole family but just didn't find Colin. She shook her head helplessly and thought, "Colin, you are such a poor man.

"Kate, it's time for breakfast." Mary called her name in the dining room.

"Mommy, daddy and GodMom, come to have breakfast." Olivia also followed Mary and shouted at Kate.

The kids were shouting and screaming in the dining room. And Lily, squatting in front of Brian, pleaded thousands of times. Unfortunately, Brian kept a graceful posture, browsing the financial news.

Now that her pleading didn't work for Brian, Lily turned her target to Kate. Kate ran to the dining room right away and invited Lily with a smile, "Lily, come and have breakfast."

Lily rolled her eyes at her. She sat at the dining table, drinking milk and eating bread.

"Oh, it's the Mid-Autumn Festival today." Mary called out.

"What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?" Olivia stood on the table, biting the spoon and looking at Mary confusedly.

With Galen's eyebrows knitted, he scolded Olivia and then ordered, "Olivia, sit down."

Suddenly, Olivia came to her senses and sat properly. Then she heard Galen's explanation, "the Mid-Autumn Festival is the day when all family members are reunited."

"Well, Galen, you are right. No matter where you go, your relatives will get together this day." Mary said with a smile, touching Olivia's cute head.

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