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   Chapter 309 Adopt Galen

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Facing Kate's friendly question, Galen looked away as if he didn't want to talk to her. Her haughty manner was quite annoying. Lily was a little clear why the little fat boy came to find trouble with Galen.

"Brother Galen, come back with us." Olivia echoed in a soft voice.

Galen still didn't say a word. When Kate was about to run out of patience, she heard Galen's cold voice, "I don't have a home."

No home? Kate looked at this boy in confusion, but suddenly thought of the current situation of the Leng family. His mother had run away, and his father had passed away. She had also heard that the Leng family was divided up. Everyone divided up the Leng family for their own interests. He You don't want to go home, do you?

"Come home with me." Kate stretched out her hand and gently touched his hair.

Hearing this, Galen finally raised his head and looked at Kate in disbelief. He knew that his family all looked at her with disgust and vigilance. They were afraid that he would hurt their interest. But what could he do as a ten-year-old child?

"There are a lot of yummy food and toys in my house. I mean it!" Olivia looked at Galen seriously and firmly.

Galen still didn't say anything. He didn't agree or refuse. He just looked at Kate in silence. She was not in a hurry and kept looking at him with a bright smile.

Galen opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but before he could say anything, Olivia grabbed his hand and pulled him up. "Let's go, let's go home together."

Facing the action of Olivia, Galen did not refuse. He was pulled away silently. Kate and Lily smiled at each other, and Lily also followed them with Charles in her arms.

"Kate, you have another son!" Lily joked.

"Yes, you are right." Kate laughed bluntly. Her laugh reminded Lily of something. Lily squinted at Kate and asked, "do you want to raise Galen as your future son-in-law?"

Kate blinked her eyes and said, "of course. According to my years of experience, I'm sure that Galen will make a difference in the future."

"……" Lily didn't want to argue with her. How could she know because Galen was just a little boy? Lily didn't buy it. But she did not know that later, What Kate said really realized.

They drove back to the Li family mansion. Seeing that Olivia came in holding a ten year old boy, Mary and William were a little surprised. After Kate explained to them like this, they nodded repeatedly.

Mary entertained Galen with great enthusiasm. Kate took out his clothes and handed it to him. She was about to help him take a shower, but unexpectedly, she was stared by a cold stare from Galen. She raised her hands reflexively, laughing and said, "you do it by yourself."

And then, Galen picked up his clothes from Kate and walked into the bathroom directly But when she saw the blush of Galen, who was really cute and awkward.

In the hall, with a frown, William asked Kate, "Kate, do you really want to ado

er mouth covered, Lily picked up a pillow from the sofa with indignation and threw it directly to her face. The pillow hit right on William's face.

"……" Lily was surprised. She quickly took hold of Colin's hand and bowed to William. She laughed and said, "I'll go back to my room to sleep first." Then she strode away in a flash.

Noticing that William's face was a little gloomy, Kate also wisely dragged Brian away from the scene. Looking at their backs, William repeatedly shook his head, "the children have grown up. They really have grown up."

"Yes, we are old." Mary also smiled and sighed.

When she went back to her bedroom, she saw Charles and Olivia still accompanying Galen in the opposite room. When Brian took a shower, Kate went over to see them, and saw the three of them sitting on the floor, playing with toy building.

Boys always liked playing with model toys, and of course, Galen was no exception. He and Charles got off the motorcycle and other toys and slowly put them back on. Kate looked at these two little guys in surprise.

There was no way that she could tear these toys apart and put them back to the new ones.

Olivia giggled at them.

As soon as she heard Kate's footstep, Olivia jumped into her arms immediately. "Mommy, brother and brother Galen are so amazing!"

Kate nodded and sat beside Charles. She complimented them, "you two are really something!"

"My daddy can do that as well. He can assemble the pieces into new toys." Charles said proudly, "Daddy is the best."

Looking at proud Charles, Galen seemed to be very proud, and he lowered her head and said in a low voice, "my father never plays these with me." His pitiful tone almost made Kate run to the bathroom to drag Brian out to play with him.

What a poor child.

"If you like here, you can stay here. No one will bully you here." After Kate said that, she thought it was a bit absolute, so she added, "except for the evil Olivia."


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