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   Chapter 308 Children's Fight

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Lily felt much better now and regained her former bouncing ability. She began to pick up Olivia and Charles with Kate, and often took them out to buy food.

Olivia and Charles liked this "godmother" very much. Lily loved them even more than her mother, Kate. As a result, Kate educated Lily all day long. Her child would be spoiled.

Olivia made another mistake in the kindergarten, so the teacher invited Kate to her office again. Lily heard that Olivia and Charles fought with others, so she wanted to speak for them and followed them.

In the office, Kate was very regretful to have brought Lily over. The teacher said a word bad for both Olivia and Charles, and Lily could come up with ten words to refute it.

The teacher said, "Miss Luo, how come your girl is more active than before?"

Lily replied, "yes. So what? Children are so active, which is a nature of human nature. How can you judge them by their advantages? My kid is just a kid with a bright and lovely personality. "

The teacher said, "Miss Luo, Olivia hurt a classmate of our school this morning. Will you..."

Lily replied, "that's because that classmate bullied another classmate. Olivia couldn't bear it so she gently pushed him. Other children wouldn't dare to go up! My daughter, Olivia, is righteous. "

The teacher touched her forehead and continued, "Miss Luo, your Charles..."

Before the teacher could finish her words, Lily said, "my Charles is a good boy. How can you be a teacher and talk about the children's strong points? It would have a bad impact on both of them. I'm telling you the truth. Please stay away from my kids. "

The tone and tone of voice were so determined. All the teachers in the office looked at Lily. The teacher was bathed in sweat with the tissue. Finally, she couldn't help but ask, "excuse me Who is the mother of Olivia and Charles? "

"……" Kate was utterly speechless. She pulled Lily back to the sofa and warned her: "don't talk nonsense! Don't ever expect me to show you around!"

Lily curled her lips with displeasure and rolled her eyes at Kate, but in the end she gave up.

Only then did Kate feel relieved. She turned around and seriously apologized to the teacher: "I'm sorry. She is not in her right mind."

After hearing that, Lily was very angry. Then Kate said to her politely, "but I also hope that the teacher could be tolerant enough for them."

Someone knocked on the door. The teacher looked at her watch and let out a deep breath. "Miss Luo, I forgot to tell you that the reason why I asked you to come here today is mainly because of the fight of Olivia and Charles. The beaten kid's parents have arrived."

Kate and Lily were taken aback. At the same time, they looked towards the door and saw a well-dressed woman and a boy with bruise on his face coming in.

The woman brought the baby in front of her, pointed at Kate and cursed, "how did you

nded her.

Mrs. Lee trembled. She looked at Lily in disbelief. After a long time, she swallowed and quickly said, "teacher, I'm leaving now. Please don't blame the children, and don't fire Galen. I'm leaving."

Then she made a bow to Lily and hastily took her baby out of the office.

The teacher looked at Kate and Lily in bewilderment. Kate also said, "teacher, since Mrs. Lee put it this way, I hope this is over."

The teacher was very happy to see this. She nodded and said, "well, that's it."

After saying goodbye to the teacher kindly, Kate held Lily's hand and left.

It was not until Kate and Lily completely disappeared from the corridor that someone in the office suddenly realized, "I remembered that girl. She was the daughter of Li family, Lily, the girl who had an affair with her second elder brother five years ago."

"Olivia Li, Charles Li Is it... "

All the teachers gasped and looked at each other, not daring to speak.

The Li group enjoyed a high position in Z city.

"You always show off with my identity." Lily snorted. Kate touched her head and smiled mildly, "that's only your identity which is useful."

"……" Lily wanted to beat her up.

At the end of the corridor, Kate and Lily found Galen, who was sitting on the bench in a daze, with Olivia and Charles standing beside him. Olivia looked worried, while Charles looked impatient.

Seeing Kate and Lily coming over, Galen didn't even look up.

"What an arrogant child!" Lily curled her lips and murmured.

Seeing Kate, Olivia rushed to her and held her leg. She raised her head and said, "Galen is so poor. Mommy, please help him."

"Well." Kate nodded her head and walked towards Galen, holding Olivia. She stood in front of Galen, bent down and said with a smile, "Galen, let older sister drive you home, okay?"

Older sister? 'How dare Kate say that! His daughter is already five years old! How dare she!' thought Lily.

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