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   Chapter 307 Lily Who Wants A Baby

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the second day.

Lily, who had been taught a lesson, was obviously more obedient and did not go against Colin. After she was able to move her hands and feet, she still liked Colin to serve her. Fortunately, Colin's character was good.

Several days had passed. In order to accompany Lily, Colin brought his work home as much as possible. He put the computer in Lily's bedroom. Lily was holding a fluffy bear and looking sideways at his work.

Her second elder brother was always so handsome Lily's eyes lit up with fondness. She knew that her elder brother and second brother were both outstanding, but she seldom really looked at Colin.

She didn't expect her anthomaniac illness to be so serious Lily clicked her tongue in fake annoyance. She lifted the quilt and was ready to get off the bed.

"Watch out," As soon as she stepped on the ground, a gentle voice came from the top of her head. She was held up. Lily shook off Colin's hand and tried to walk a few steps herself.

She hadn't walked for a long time, and there was something wrong with her legs. Of course, it was also because she exercised too much yesterday. Looking at the embarrassed look on Lily's face, Colin slightly bit his lips.

Lily glared at him. This guy didn't even think about whose fault it was

Colin couldn't bear it any more, so he took her to the sofa and sat down. He touched the tip of her nose with his finger and smiled dotingly, "you'd better start from scratch."

"I don't want to." Lily wrapped her arms around his waist as her little body shrank into his arms. She got goosebumps at the thought that she had to crawl around like a two-year-old baby.

Colin picked up the comb and smoothed her messy hair for her.

"Let's have a child. Seeing Kate's children, I really want to have a child of my own." Lily's voice sounded soft and gentle.

Colin was shocked by her words. He looked at her incredibly.

After a long while, he smiled and looked at her red face. "Okay, I'll do it."

Even though Lily felt ashamed to face Colin, she still blushed when it came to this matter. This time, she didn't even dare to look up at him.

Colin kissed her head and held up Lily's face. He looked at her eyes seriously and said, "Lily, I love you."

Lily had heard this from Colin before, but she never said it to him. In their relationship, Colin always took the initiative, while Lily was always the passive one.

Being stared by Colin, Lily's face turned red. She could not help but lowered her head, daring not to look at him. Then, Colin heard Lily whispering

hold ceremony together."

Turning his head, Brian took a look at Kate. Seeing that she lowered her head to eat shyly, he smiled and said, "okay." He had been preparing for her wedding since five years ago, and he didn't want to delay it any longer.

"I hope it can last long." Kate said in a low voice.

Mary frowned and asked unhappily, "why?" Though Kate and Brian had a marriage certificate, Mary still hoped that her daughter could wear the wedding dress as soon as possible and happily go together with the man she loved.

"I want to wait until Brian's hand is completely recovered. Anyway, we are together now. I can wait." Said Kate softly.

She hoped that at the wedding, Brian could hug her with his hands, and hold her face with his hands to kiss her. Compared with the wedding, she would rather to see a perfect Brian.

Brian took hold of Kate's hand gently. His eyes were so tender that Kate dared not look into his eyes. She lowered her head in silence and her face was red.

Lily giggled. With a smug smile on her face, Kate glared at her. Lily just kept eating and seldom had the chance to see such an expression on Kate's face. Her brother was really something.

William nodded and turned to ask Colin and Lily, "Lily, how about you?"

"I can wait Kate, it will save a lot of money." Lily said smilingly.

Hearing that it was still a long time left to get married for their two sons, William and Mary lowered their heads sadly. It was so difficult to hold a wedding ceremony in the Li family mansion. Mary glimpsed at Lily and Kate and commented, "sure enough, rich water cannot flow into an outsider's mouth."

"……" Kate and Lily were silent, while Colin and Brian grinned.

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