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   Chapter 306 Their Own Happiness

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After Kate left, Lily, who was lying on the bed, stared at the ceiling and thought about her life. Although she didn't want Colin to be close to her in the past few days, she would be more disgusted if someone else came to massage her.

The grudges between Juliet and Mike emerged in Lily's mind. Before this, she had thought that Mike might have died. But she never thought that Mike was killed by Colin.

Turning around, Lily saw the sofa filled with the dolls that Colin bought for her, new and old. Looking at this, she could not help feeling her eyes dry.

Although Colin was hateful, he treated her with all his tenderness.

When she was lost in her thoughts, the doorknob suddenly turned. Lily hid herself under the quilt, closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. The sound of her footsteps stopped abruptly by the bed.

Hearing Colin's sigh, Lily felt a sudden heartache.

After putting the dishes on the table, Colin sat beside her bed and gently said, "Lily, good girl, get up and have dinner first, okay?"

He had been kind to her in the past few days, and after Lily knew that Mike was killed by Colin, she had never given him a good look. No matter what he did, she kept a long face.

Lily felt a little guilty. She rubbed her eyes on purpose as if she just woke up. She sat up slowly and climbed into the arms of Colin. Feeling the intimate action of Lily, Colin stiffened for a moment. He looked at the girl in his arms ambiguously.

"I'm hungry." Lily also lowered her head and didn't look up at him.

"Yes." Colin slightly smiled. Lily shot him an angry stare as she yelled like a queen, "serve me well please!"

"Okay." Colin lowered his head and kissed hard on her red lips. This time, Lily didn't resist. She even kissed back.

The lingering kiss lasted for a long time. With their nose facing each other, Lily didn't dare to open her eyes to look at him. But Colin saw all her expressions. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were still shallow. Did she cry?

"Why are you crying?" Colin kissed her eyelids, and whispered in her ear in a very soft voice, as if he was afraid of disturbing her.

"Kate told me what happened five years ago..." Lily sobbed, "Mom passed away, I was still angry with her and said a lot of hurtful words at that time. "

Lily's sobbing made Colin's heart ache. He put his arms around her and comforted, "good girl. Mon won't blame you. Even if everyone leaves, I'll be with you."

"Will you accompany me all my life? Will you support me for the rest of my life? " Lily raised her head. Her eyes were filled with tears, like an innocent rabbit.

It was such a sight that Colin's mind was in a mess and his throat was dry. He leaned forward and pinned her down on the bed. He stared at her with a smile and said, "yes, I will." Followed by overwhelming kisses and uncontr

e got more confident.

When he saw Kate's joyful expression, Brian also grinned a relaxed smile. It was not that important whether Brian's arm was good or not. But he knew that Kate cared about his arm very much and she would care about everything he didn't care.

After the treatment, Olivia and Charles had already fallen asleep on the big bed. Kate packed up the medicine box. Brian held her in his arms and looked down at her. He pressed his face against her lips and said softly, "thanks for your hard work."

Kate knew that what Brian thanks was not her treatment for him, but the hardship she had experienced for five years. Kate stretched out her hand and rubbed his face, and then she said with a smile, "every time I was about to give up, I felt that you were still with me, and you kept telling me over and over again that I was not alone."

"From now on, I won't leave you alone." Holding her tight in his arms, Brian promised her, "Little kitten, you'll be my only wife for your whole life and next life."

Kate's face turned completely red. She shrank in the arms of Brian, but she couldn't help feeling sweet. It was very sweet. The air seemed to be mixed with sweetness, like sweetness, so greasy.

"Hey, you're so overbearing. What if I don't meet you next life? How could they be together? " Said Kate on purpose.

Brian chuckled, "if we didn't meet, I would have gone for you until I found you."

Kate was stunned for a few seconds and then came to herself from what she just heard from Brian. Brian seldom said sweet words to her. Because of this, his sweet words were so precious.

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Kate gently hugged his waist. Happiness in this life was not enough, so they would meet and love each other in the next life.

Kate hid her whole body into his arms. She sincerely hoped that she could still meet with Brian if she had a next life

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