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   Chapter 305 Lily's Contradiction

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"Lily, do you really think you an exhibition? Everyone passing you should touch you!" Kate looked at her with amusement. Even though Kate was complaining, Charles and Olivia still came over to touch the delicate nose of Lily. The moment their soft little faces came to her, Lily really wanted to hold them in her arms and kiss them. They were so adorable

In case that Lily suddenly reached out her hands and hurt her children, Kate pulled the two children back into her arms and gave Lily a disdainful look. "Culin, help Lily wipe the saliva."

Colin who was called was stunned. With a frown, he looked at Kate. She stuck out her tongue at him and said, "two meals are not necessary."

Colin pursed his lips and forced a smile. "I'd rather treat you ten big meals."

"Brian, you like this name, don't you?" Kate elbowed at Brian with her elbow. There was a mocking smile in her bright eyes.

"……" Blankly, Brian remained silent. Kate glared at him. Threatened by Kate, Brian looked at Colin sympathetically and nodded.

So With that, the name 'Culin' would be decided Which made Colin depressed for a while

After a while, Brian with his other three family members were asked to have dinner by Mary. Soon there were only Lily and Colin in the room. Colin bent over to give her a massage, which was very helpful for the recovery of the vegetable.

In the five years when Lily fell asleep, in order to prevent the muscle stiffening, Colin went to massage her every day.

However At that time, Lily was unconscious. Now her mind was clear. She could not help but blush and resist, "brother, let me go."

The shy and angry expression on her face amused Colin. He came closer to her and whispered in her ear, "Lily, it's a must-have thing. I will feel upset if I don't be there for one day."

"……" Lily's face turned red. She wanted to push him away. However, she was too weak to push him away. She could only watch him torturing her by kneading and pinching her body.

As she just woke up, this massage was much more important. Although Colin's strength was not too heavy, Lily still felt hurt. Lily was born in a wealthy family. How could she bear any pain.

Looking at the girl's painful expression, Colin's heart ached. Lily was afraid of both death and ghost. He really didn't know how she felt when she stood in front of him and protected him from the several deadly bullets.

Colin pulled back the quilt, lied down in the bed, and held Lily in his arms. He lowered his head to kiss her lip and said, "my silly girl, if such a thing happen again in the future. You are not allowed to get hurt again."

"If I don't get hurt, my second elder brother will get hurt." Lily said seriously.

"Then just let Brother get hurt first." Colin pinched her red cheek. She had slept for five years and hadn't changed much. She still looked like a high school student.

Lily blinked her eyes and pouted her red lips. "I don't wan

aiting for Juliet to come to see her. She had asked Colin about Juliet's whereabouts. Colin had told her that Juliet had just traveled out with her friend, and that she would come back soon. What a silly brother! How could he hide this from her

She was so pitiful now. She lost her father and mother. She was an orphan without whom she could rely on.

"William Does he know about it? " Lily asked tiredly as she closed her eyes. If William knew that she was not his daughter, she would be thrown out of the Li mansion. She could no longer be a princess of luxury.

Kate nodded: "He knew."

Lily smiled. "That's good. I don't feel good to have a secret hided. When I recover, he will kick me out of the Li family mansion Alas, then I will become homeless... "

Kate couldn't help laughing and said: "with Culin here, who dares to drive you away. Even if Culin abandons the Li group, he has a lot of property. He is able to feed you. "

At the mention of Colin, Lily's eyes became less gloomy. She whispered, "I don't want to be with him. It was him who killed my father."

Lily knew about it? A little surprise flashed through Kate's eyes, but then she smiled with relief and said, "Yeah, it's all Colin's fault. But he did this for you and Juliet. Mike rushed to Z City in order to threaten Juliet. When we first met Mike, he was in deep debt. Many of his injuries were left by his enemies. "

Lily was stunned. She looked at Kate in disbelief, "then Why didn't he tell me? "

Kate rolled her eyes at Lily and answered firmly, "because he has a low Eq. he thought it was for your good, so he didn't tell you anything."

"Lily, it's not easy to meet a good man. You'd better get married as soon as possible." Then, Kate patted on Lily's shoulder with sincerity.

"……" Sweating, Lily looked up at Kate indifferently and said, "every mother is a matchmaker."

"Thanks for your compliment." Kate took Lily's words as a praise and said thanks.

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