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   Chapter 302 Ride Turtles

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Back home, Kate analyzed the quality of the schools around Z City and finally decided to send Olivia and Charles to the affiliated kindergarten next to Z University. After finishing dealing with these complicated affairs, she was so tired that she lay on her bed.

As a secretary, she had many sequelae and was fond of analyzing various trifles. After that, she breathed a sigh of relief. Turning over with a pillow in her arms, she looked up at the ceiling of the office. After all, the Li family treated the children well, so they quickly adapted to the environment. They should be watching TV with William and Mary downstairs now.

From the beginning to the end, Kate still felt it was inconceivable. She actually returned to Brian. Only a few days after she left, the memory of the small city in her mind began to gradually become blurred.

Martin, Grandpa Ding And people in the small city

Kate's phone vibrated on the table. She picked it up and saw that it was from Martin. He had given her his phone number, and she also called back to tell him she was safe. According to their blood relationship, Martin was the uncle of the twins. At that time in the small city, although he was very annoying, he helped her a lot whenever she needed help.

"Hello." Kate picked up the phone.

"Are you back to the Li family mansion now?" An exclusive and strange laughter of Martin came from the other end of the line.

Hearing his voice, Kate felt that she hadn't seen him for a long time, so she nodded and said, "yes, I have come back, but what about you? How do you manage my hospital well?"

"I'm the doctor. There is no problem." Martin promised.

Kate smiled and said: "then I can rest assured."

Hearing that, Martin pulled a long face at once. He said unhappily, "you only care about your medical studio. What about me?"

"You're a living person. You don't need me to worry about. Just eat well, get dressed and sleep well," While chatting, Kate put a pillow under her arms and lay comfortably in bed, smiling.

"After you leave, I don't eat well, neither wear nor sleep well," Martin could not help complaining.

"……" Kate had never known that she was so important to him.

"Cut the crap. I saw so many bullshit on the ceiling." Kate nailed his lie.

Martin sighed silently and asked, "are Olivia and Charles with you? Let them talk to me. "

"They're playing with Dad William downstairs. I'll go get them." Kate then got up from the bed, but Martin on the other side immediately stopped her and said, "no, you don't have to do that. If there is nothing else, I have to hang up the phone. The signal here is not good."

Then he hung up the phone before Kate came back to her senses.

Kate stared at the phone disappointedly. She thought, 'Martin must feel lonely in small city. When Grandpa Ding was still here, he almost came to the hospital for free meals every day to take care of the children for Kate.'.

With Martin and the nanny taking care of the baby, Kate put all her attention on learning from Mr. Ding, but she felt very strange. Even though Martin had been with his child for a long time, she still felt that his child was more dependent on

awkward family of four took a selfie.

They were all very happy. Even the serious Brian and Charles smiled brightly in the photos. The optimistic Olivia and Kate were all very happy.

Looking at the family of four who were playing with each other, Kate suddenly tasted happiness. It was sweet and happy.

"Daddy, I want to ride a tortoise." Olivia suddenly moved forward, and climbed up on the back of Brian.

Brian slightly raised his eyebrows, but seeing the expectation and admiration in his beloved daughter's eyes, the arrogant CEO compromised. He bowed his back and asked, "where is Olivia going?"

Lying on the back of Brian, she said in high spirits, "I'm going to explore the world of martial arts!"

"……" Kate didn't expect that the dream of Olivia had been so far-reaching. Seeing that Olivia was swaggering behind the back of Brian, Charles lit up his eyes in Kate arms.

Kate pinched Charles's cheek, lowered her head and asked, "do you also want to ride a tortoise?"

Charles nodded.

After Brian visiting the hell once again, Kate pulled Olivia off and took Charles on. She touched the head of Brian along the way and encouraged him with a smile, "come on, turtle, you can do it."

"……" Brian was speechless.

After their frolic for a while, the two kids were so tired that they fell asleep on the bed. Kate tucked them in and pulled Brian away.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Kate was confused and ran to open the door. When she saw Mary standing at the door, she smiled and asked in a low voice, "have Charles and Olivia slept?"

Back to the Li family mansion, the kids had a separate room, but Mary would coax them to sleep before she went to her own room. Sometimes, she would stay with them till dawn.

When it was time for Olivia and Charles to go to bed, Mary came over to remind them to go to sleep.

"Yes, they slept here." Kate nodded her head, but she smiled and said, "thank you, mother."

Mary also laughed loudly. "I feel so happy to have a baby with me."

"I got to go. Good night." Mary smiled.

"Okay." After seeing Mary off, Kate closed the door.

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