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   Chapter 299 get back with me

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Today was Sunday, and Colin just didn't go to work. When Kate and others came in, Colin and William were playing chess in the hall. Obviously, Colin was winning, which made William frown. It was uncertain.

As William was lost in his thought, he didn't notice that Kate came in, while Colin had already noticed Kate, and he was also surprised to see the twins following behind her.

Colin withdrew his gaze, took the piece and put down the last step. He smiled faintly. "General."

"Let's play one more round." William frowned and said unwillingly.

Then, Mary took a pillow from the sofa and threw it to William, saying, "old man, why don't you turn around to see who is back?"

Standing next to Mary, Kate felt sorry for William. She had experienced the violence of Mary.

William looked back and saw Kate. His expression was same with Mary's. The chess slipped from his hand. He looked at Kate blankly and could not say a word for a long time.

"Kate Is that really you? " William couldn't help but ask in a trembling voice.

Colin also stood up and walked up to Kate. He gave her a hug and said, "welcome home."

Hearing this, Kate was moved and wanted to cry. 'home She was finally home.

After the introduction, William hurriedly asked servant to prepare the meal, and then turned around to play with Charles and Olivia. Kate saw the girl named Claire standing not far away and keeping her eyes on them, without saying anything.

And Kate didn't see Lily. Lily.. Hasn't she woken up yet? Kate looked at Colin who looked more mature and calm than five years ago. He was as gentle and handsome as ever.

Brian was sitting beside Kate, while Colin was sitting opposite to them. Kate hesitated for a while and could not help but ask, "Lily, how's she now?"

Upon hearing Lily, Colin face darkened. With a bitter smile, he replied, "no, she remains the same."

Kate knew exactly what "the same" meant as Lily was still in a coma.

For a moment, Kate didn't know what to say, but Colin smiled: "the doctor said that her condition is better than before, and she should wake up soon."

Kate had to agree with him and said, "okay."

Kate looked around the Li family and was a little absent-minded. Though the decoration of the Li family was almost the same as it was five years ago, it made people feel totally different. The sunlight shone through the French windows and enveloped the whole mansion. The laughter of all people were natural and lively, and the air was filled with a warm atmosphere.

The Li family mansion looked like a black prison five years ago. Everyone was trapped in it and no one could escape.

Now no Juliet, no hatred. For five years, they had let go of everything, good or bad.

In the end, Colin chose to stay. It seemed that he and William had a good relationship. Everything was fine except for Lily.

"By the way, Claire, come here. Let me introduce you to each other." Mary's words brought back Kate's

ut it carefully, she thought it was reasonable for William to do that. She didn't know whether Lily would wake up or not, and if she had an accident outside, she didn't know if she could come back.

It was probably the most common wish of all parents in the world for their son to marry someone, get married and have their own children.

After hearing Mary's words, Kate got to know what status Claire held in the Li family. If she really didn't come back, maybe Brian would like Claire after a long time. Fortunately, she was earlier.

Kate didn't want to continue this topic. She turned to Mary and asked, "mother, is Luo's Flower shop still there? I want to go back and have a look. "

"Yes, of course. Your mother's Luo's Flower shop is now all over Z city." Speaking of Luo's Flower Shop, Mary was so proud.

Kate was a little surprised. Mary smiled and explained: "the Li group has engaged in a lot of industries. After you left, Brian had reserved rose garden and all kinds of flower plantation in the small city. Soon, a chain store of Luo's Flower Shop was opened in the small city and Z city. Roses of our small city are unique and very popular. "

Five years ago, the Li group had become the leader of the Z city. Nobody knew how it had developed now. With this doubt in her mind, Kate asked: "does Colin still stay in the Li group?"

"Em. G.S took the initiative to join the Li group. The Li group was the biggest company in the city. It was like a tiger that flies into the pan with G.S together. Besides, the Li brothers cooperated very well. The Li group is in a fast developing stage. Now it has become one of the leading enterprises in China. Recently, it has begun to cooperate with foreign electronic enterprises. " Mary then told Kate about the recent situation of the Li family.

Kate nodded and lay down on the grass. She looked up at the sky and thought to herself, 'it's autumn now. When I left, it was also autumn. Time flies so fast.'.

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