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   Chapter 298 Back To The Li Family Mansion

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After they packed up their luggage, they walked out of the room. It was getting dark when they got out of the Faraway community. It was delayed to look for a school for Olivia and Charles.

Charles and Olivia were very excited on the way. Kate occasionally looked at the backseat, fearing that the children in the back seat would be restless.

As the traffic light turned red, Brian turned to her. "What's the baby's real name?"

Kate said in a low voice and turned her eyes from the kids to Brian. "Brother's name is Charles Li, and sister's name is Olivia Li."

The corners of Brian's mouth were slightly curved up, revealing a very beautiful and charming smile. Kate stared at him for a few seconds and couldn't help think, 'the man is more handsome...'


"Sounds good." Said Brian with a meaningful smile.

But when she saw Brian's meaningful smile on the phone, Kate turned her slightly hot face. The name was given by Brian when the first time she got pregnant, and she forced Brian. She still remembered that she had annoyed Brian that time. He picked up the dictionary and decided to name kids what he saw.

Then, Kate and Brian randomly named the baby.

If they knew their names' origin, Olivia and Charles might give these irresponsible parents a lecture.

The silence lasted for a few seconds.

Kate tried to keep calm. Brian was so handsome. Even he stayed away from other women. But there were still a lot of women coming for him. She raised her eyebrows and looked at him suspiciously. "You haven't had a girlfriend in the past five years?"

After saying that, she added, "I don't believe you've made any girlfriends."

At this moment, the green light was on. As soon as Brian started the engine, he didn't look at Kate's face. Instead, his perfect side face made Kate make up some old-fashioned stories. Men can't bear loneliness

Seeing that he was silent, Kate reminded him, "say something."

Kate was the first one to lose her patience everytime argue with Brian.

Brian didn't turn around. He seemed to think for a while. Then he said jokingly, "what do you want me to say if you don't believe me?"

"……" Kate was silent for a moment. She completely despised Brian who had low Eq! Didn't he know that women always said something not real?

Although Kate just despised him, Kate still said generously, "Okay, I believe your words."

Before Brian said anything, the phone rang first. Kate picked it up quickly and saw a strange number. She turned to look at Brian, only to see that the man frowned a little. She put the phone in front of him and asked, "should I answer it?"

"Whatever." Said Brian slightly.

According to Kate's strong sixth sense, it should be a girl on the other side of the phone. As expected, her worries was right.

Hearing Brian's answer, Kate kindly answered the phone for him and politely greeted, "hello."

The person on the other side seemed to be stunned for

bad attitude?

"Brian, how could you do this to me?" The woman was full of fighting power. She stood up and looked at Brian admiringly.

There was no reply from Brian.

"Claire, is Brian back?" A middle-aged woman's voice came from the mansion at the right time. Hearing her voice, Kate felt so familiar and her heart beat faster.

A few seconds later, Kate saw a middle-aged woman with a familiar face coming out from the door. When she saw Kate, she was also shocked. Then, she rubbed her eyes. Her eyes were wide open. She stared at Kate again.

"Aunt, are you okay?" Claire asked in confusion.

The question pulled her back to reality. Her hands trembled with excitement, she stood in front of Kate and stared at Kate blankly, "Kate Is that you? "

"Mom, I'm back," Although Kate could not restrain her excitement, she still tried to keep smiling.

"You're back..." With red eyes, Mary kept saying, "you're back I'm glad you're back. I'm so glad you're back... "

Claire Wu was totally confused about what was going on here about Mary and Kate.

"Be quick Come on in. " Mary hurried to pull Kate into the house. At this time, she saw this little girl held by Kate. She was shocked.

"This is my child, Olivia." Kate pushed Olivia to Mary and said with a smile, "good girl, call grandma."

Mary was too excited to utter a word.

Kate pushed Charles to Mary and said, "this is brother, Charles."

Trembling and unable to speak, Mary looked at the two kids blankly and didn't know where to put her hands.

Olivia and Charles bowed to Mary with a bright smile, "nice to meet you, grandma."

Hearing the clear voice of Olivia, Mary's lips moved slightly, but she could not make any sound for a long time. After a long time, she finally said a few "OK". Compared with Mary, Kate looked very calm. She smiled and said, "Mom, come on in."

"Well, oh! Let's get inside first. " Mary said.

Then they went into the Li family mansion.

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