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   Chapter 297 The So-called Marriage

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Kate was moved, but when she thought of the news five years ago, she couldn't help but doubt the truth of Brian's words. She gently pushed him away, frowned and looked at him. "Are you married?"

"Yes." Brian admitted without hesitation.

Kate was stunned with her eyes dry. If he married someone else, why would he still talk to her like that?

"Then why are you still here?" Kate thought that she must look like an abandoned pet now. With a mixture of fondness and helplessness, Brian tapped her forehead. "We've been married for a long time, haven't we?"

"Ha ha?" Kate was stunned.

"You silly little cat." Brian lowered his head and kissed her delicate nose.

Kate was a little confused and she winked at him, "but five years ago, I saw the CEO of Li group getting married. What's more, I also saw you appear in a suit at the wedding."

Brian couldn't help knocking on her head, "it's the old CEO of the Li group getting married."

"Dad William?" Kate was more confused, "Dad William got married?"

"Yes." Answered Brian.

"Who is the bride?" Kate couldn't help asking.

Brian glanced at her and replied lightly, "Mary."

With a bang, Kate was completely shocked. She opened her mouth but couldn't utter a word. Oh, my God! Her mother and Brian's father. Oh my God! What was going on? Who can tell her what happened!

"They got married? Shouldn't I be at the wedding?" Asked Brian, fiddling with her hair.

Kate was speechless.

"Why Why... " Hearing her own voice, Kate was a little surprised!

"They are old and it's good for them to live together with each other and keep each other company." Brian said lightly.

Kate thought it was reasonable, but it was a little bit difficult for her to accept. The news came so suddenly that she was at a loss what to do. 'wait a minute. In that case, what will my child call Mary?

"But..." Kate frowned and said, "in this case, we are brother and sister, aren't we?" Kate's face went pale.

Looking at her cute face, the affection in the eyes of Brian grew deeper and deeper. Finally, he could not help but lower his head and kiss her eyes, cheeks and lips.

Feeling his burning breath, Kate blushed and pushed him away. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at the kitchen door. Sure enough, she saw the twins staring at them.

"The kids are watching us." Kate lowered her head shyly.

Speaking of the baby, Brian was full of pity. "Why didn't you come back when you knew you had a baby?"

"I I have something to do. " Kate hemmed and hawed.

"What?" With a threatening look in Brian eyes, Kate quickly raised her hand and said all things to him. The remaining venom in her brain, and learning medicine with Mr. Ding.

Although she was far away from Brian, she didn't suffer any hardship given that she was rich and capable. The only

ause her right arm was inconvenient, it was difficult to do that.

Charles noticed that Brian's right arm was unmoved and looked at it curiously. Then he boldly held his arm and asked, "Daddy, why can't you move your arm?"

Brian didn't get angry. He smiled and explained, "Dad had an accident. my right arm was injured."

"Does it hurt?" Looking up at him, Olivia asked. Brian laughed even more brightly, "it doesn't hurt, it has already been OK."

Kate had taught the kids well since they were young. Besides, as they saw that Kate had a good relationship with Brian, they accepted him as their father. The result was surprising.

Although Charles was still silent, it could be seen from his expression that he was very satisfied with Brian.

After eating the noodles, Charles and Olivia were watching TV outside. Brian was helping Kate pack up her luggage while she was sitting on the floor, putting back the clothes she just took out into her suitcase.

Sitting behind her, Brian reached out to hold her waist and helped her clean the table while taking advantage of her with the desire. Kate got rid of his hand and turned to him, "how do you know I would come back here?"

"The landlord told me." Brian replied honestly.

Kate was a little sad. She leaned against his chest and felt warm. She finally felt at ease. She was like a traveler who returned home. She put down all her vigilance and strength and just wanted to stay quietly in his arms.

"Kitten, don't go anywhere casually again." The next second, Brian held her tighter, breathing heavily in her ear.

Kate's ears turned red. She turned around and put her arms around his waist, "I promise that I will take you with me if I want to run away again!"

With their noses touching each other, Brian raised his lips and said one word, "okay."

I wish I could accompany you to the ends of the world.

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