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   Chapter 295 Come Back

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10121

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After a few hours' flight, Kate showed up at the airport of Z city with her twins. She was excited as she finally came back to the familiar land.

But when she thought of that Brian had been married five years ago, Kate couldn't help but feel sad, wondering how he was now

Instead of going back to the small city to look for Mary, Kate went back the Faraway community. On the way back, she turned her head to look at the scenery on the roadside. Although it had been five years, she still felt that Z city had not changed.

There was no change in the Faraway community for five years. Kate recalled the owner of the house five years ago and wanted to ask him if he had rented the room.

The landlord's reply made Kate a little surprised. Someone had bought the apartment in her name, so it was her property.

Kate couldn't help thinking about the man mentioned by the landlord Could it be Brian?

But on second thought, she thought it was impossible. What was the point of buying her room for Brian? Well. Brian bought this suite at his convenience, probably because he had too much money to spend.

Kate stopped her random thoughts and pulled the suitcase back to the room she used to live in.

She didn't notice that the landlord immediately called someone when she just left, "Master, the girl has come back."

At the door of her room, Kate wiped the sweat from her forehead, took out the key and opened the door. The room was not as messy as she thought, but very clean, and the decoration was exactly the same as where it was.

"Wow, the room is so big!" As they entered the new environment, Olivia much more excited than Kate. She pulled Charles to open the bedroom's door. Soon, they fought fiercely in bed.

Kate didn't want to talk to them anymore. She dragged her suitcase into the bedroom, opened it and packed her things. She was afraid that Charles and Olivia would be hungry, so she went to kitchen to get them something to eat.

When they heard that Kate was going to cook for them, the two kids still stood in front of her. With a frown, Charles looked up at Kate and said, "Mommy, you'd better order some take out."

"Mommy, I don't want to have diarrhea." Olivia spoke frankly.

The child's words frustrated Kate a lot. She snorted and reluctantly took out her leaflets, ordering takeout with the land line machine. It was ashamed for her that after so many years being a single mother, her cooking was still not improved at all.

The kids didn't like her cooking, so every time she wanted to cook, they would try their best to stop her

After finishing the dinner for her kids, Kate was able to put her things away in peace. Kate and her children lived in a small city all the time. Though Kate had the ability to buy computer, television and other equipment, she still did not buy anything for the sake of not wanting to have any contact with the outside world. Therefore, the children were very curious about modern equipment.

At this moment, both of them were surprised and joyf

think if she hadn't left at that time, would the four of them live happily together?

She curled up her lips and looked up at the ceiling. She knew that if she hadn't left, perhaps she would have lost her life now, let alone having a happy family of four.

On the second day, Kate got up early and read for a while as usual. Charles and Olivia didn't wake up until noon. She dressed them up and took them downstairs.

The community was in the suburb, even the life here was less prosperous than in a small city. But the kids were still very excited, so Kate took them to the KFC to have a meal.

When Olivia tasted new flavor, she was in high spirit the whole day.

Charles was calm about this, but Kate saw the novel expression on his face. She couldn't help kissing their cheeks and pinched them again.

Since raising them, Kate pinched them when she was in a bad mood or too happy, then her mood was bright every day.

After lunch, Kate took them to the supermarket. She pushed a shopping cart and put them in it. Then the three of them strolled in the supermarket.

As long as it was something that Olivia and Charles liked, Kate bought it without hesitation.

"Kate?" All of a sudden, an unbelievable voice came from behind.

Kate's back was a little bit stiff, and she slowly turned her head. A mature woman stood not far from her, holding a little boy in her hand.

This woman looked very similar to Lora.

"Are you Kate?" The woman walked quickly to her and looked at Kate up and down.

Kate nodded and asked with hesitation, "are you Lora?"

"Yes, it's me." Lora was too excited to utter a complete sentence. "I thought you really will never come back... "

"Boohoo. I miss you so much. I'm thinking about you all the time. Whenever I see your empty seat, I can't help but cry sadly. Every time I think that you may have suffered all kinds of pains outside, my heart can't help but ache... " Lora hugged Kate tightly and babbled on.

Kate was flustered. Lora hadn't changed a bit

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