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   Chapter 290 The So-called Ending

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At Li's mansion.

On hearing the news that Mary was leaving, William was about to go to the train station to look for her. When he saw Colin at the door, he stopped. With a frown, Colin asked in a slightly worried tone, "where are you going?"

"The train station. Kate's mother is going back to town. I'll see her off." With guilty conscience, William said this. Colin nodded gently and smiled at him. "Go and find her back. The Li family needs a hostess. "

Hearing that, William was stunned for a few seconds. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Colin in disbelief.

"Life doesn't last long. What's in the past is in the past. I hope you can see the future and pursue your own happiness." Colin's tone was not hasty but gentle.

A few minutes later, William came to his senses and took Colin's hand. A man nearly 50 years old could not help but sob, "Colin. Thank you. "

It didn't matter who was right and who was wrong in the past. Now every second was more precious than anything.

"Nothing." Colin smiled, "Daddy, come on!"

William nodded and quickly turned around and left. Colin went straight into the Li mansion.

Many servants had been dismissed by him. There were only a few gardeners left in the huge manor, and there was only a butler in it.

Colin walked around the backyard alone and walked into the bamboo grove that he and Lily liked. He sat on the swing that Lily once liked very much. He raised his head and the sun was blocked by the bamboos covering the sun. Mottled dust was scattered on the cobblestone floor. The spring in the distance was quiet and beautiful.

"Master, Miss Luo's train has arrived in B city. They went to the train station but we lost it." Vivek's report brought back Colin's mind.

Colin nodded, "it doesn't matter. You can leave now."

Vivek obeyed and withdrew.

Perhaps, Kate didn't know Colin was the first man who guessed she would leave first. Because of Lily's condition, Colin had talked to Mr. Ding, who accepted but hadn't prescribed medicine for Lily.

"It depends on fate whether she can wake up or not," said Mr. Ding. Colin still remembered what Professor Ding had just said

His perfunctory reply made Colin understand that he said that on purpose. He knew that the Li family had something to do with Zoey's death and he would not treat the Li family.

There was no way for him to help. Colin couldn't threaten Professor Ding with that.

When he left, he happened to see Kate come for Professor Ding. They were talking while walking in the corridor. Kate was coming for Professor Ding for Brian's arm. From the words, he knew that Professor Ding wanted to take Kate as his student.

He believed that Kate would agree when Professor Ding proposed.

Sure enough, when he received her message yesterday, he knew that Kate was leaving.

"Sister-in-law, I can only drive you here. You have to walk the rest of the way on your own," said Colin, looking the bamboo leaves leisurely

Because no one could help you on your way.

After staying in the bamboo forest for half an hour, C

d to push William away.

William didn't say a word, nor did he make a concession. They were in a stalemate for a while, and then Mary threatened viciously, "if you don't leave now, I'll call the police. It's not good for the chief executive of the Li group to be trespassed."

"Mary, I'll stay with you." Finally, William made his point.

"What did you say?" Mary asked in disbelief

"If you don't want to stay in Z city, I can come here to keep you company. After all, I have been tired of staying in Z City for a long time. It has fresh air here. It's a good place for nursing. " William smiled.

"If you think the air in our small city is good, you can find a hotel to stay. I'm really sorry. Our small shop is not able to invite the old chairman here." A tinge of mockery appeared in Mary's voice.

"I don't mind." replied William quickly

After saying that, he turned around and locked the door when Mary was in fear.

"……" Mary was speechless. She turned around and went back to her bedroom, ignoring William. Rustling sounds came from outside. Mary covered her ears and ordered herself to keep quiet and ignore the man.

But after Mary packed up her things, she remembered that her temperature was very low, and she also remembered William's morbid pale face when she saw him outside. She hesitated and walked out with a quilt.

Mary saw that William was sleeping on the sofa with his thin body almost curled up. She went over and bent over to put the quilt on him. After a long time, she left in a panic.

After walking a few steps, she suddenly heard the voice of William. "Jean.. Bye. "

Jean was not only the most important woman in his life, but also the person he felt most sorry for. However, twenty years had passed since Jean left. He could do nothing no matter how much William loved him.


Suddenly, a smile tugged at the corners of Mary's mouth. If William really wanted to stay, then just stay. After all, the flower shop was short of a clerk, and it would be no problem if he stayed to help her.

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