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   Chapter 289 Leaving

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It was almost the time that she had made an appointment with Mr. Ding. Kate left from the villa. Mary wanted to see her off, but she was refused by Kate. She didn't want to bother Mr. Ding, so she just wanted to leave by herself.

Unable to dissuade Kate, Mary compromised.

She did not let the Li family's driver drive, but called a taxi.

As expected, no one stopped her. After she got on the car, Kate took out her phone and dialed Brian. She hesitated for a long time. At last, she didn't call him.

Kate turned her head and looked out of the window. She wanted to keep this scene in her mind and memorize all the people and things related to this city in mind.

Instead of going to the train station, she went to the hospital first. She found Lily's ward and pushed the door open. Lily was still the same. She was lying quietly in bed, like a Sleeping Princess.

Kate sat beside Lily silently and smiled at her, "Lily, I hope the next time I see you, You can walk happily in front of me."

"I have to leave here and don't know when I will come back. Don't forget me by then." Kate muttered.

She said a lot, but she finally forgot what she had said.

The roses on the head of Lily's bed were bright red roses. The red roses were in sharp contrast with the pale ward, but at the same time, it made the ward more alive.

This must be a gift from Colin. Hobson went abroad. Who else would think about and care about Lily, except Colin

In the end, Kate tucked Lily in, stood up and walked out. When she saw Mr. Ding at the door, she didn't ask him about Lily's present condition. Even if she asked, Professor Ding may not answer.

"Let's go." Kate smiled.

Professor Ding stared at her for a while and nodded slightly, "let's go."

They walked out of the hospital in tandem.

They got on the train smoothly. Kate sat by the window and couldn't help looking at the moon. She didn't know what she was expecting.

But at this moment, she really wanted to see him.

The moment the train was leaving, she seemed to see Brian coming out from behind the moonlight platform. However, just for an instant, the train had gone far. Kate was still looking outside through the window.

Although she had been mentally prepared not to cry, she couldn't help crying.

Standing in the bustling crowd, Brian watched the train disappear in front of him, but he didn't move his eyes.

She said she was very tired and didn't force her, so he didn't want to force her.

She wanted freedom. He would set her free. He wouldn't stop her if she could be happier by leaving him.

He had thousands of ways to make her stay. But if it was just shackles on her, and it was really tired for her to stay, he would rather give up and let her go.

But Brian was still worried about her. So He sent bodyguards to follow Kat

goodbye to him and put down the phone resolutely, totally ignoring William's voice on the other side.

After ending the call, Mary sat on the sofa. Not far away from her, Maria wanted to say something but didn't know how to start. She looked at Mary sorrowfully.

"Didn't Master come back last night?" Mary turned to ask Maria.

Maria frowned and nodded.

Mary took a deep breath. She didn't know whether Kate's decision was right or not. Although Brian was a nice person, no one would wait for a person without a deadline.

What's more, Brian was outstanding. He had many girls around.

Kate, I hoped that you was right. Mary sighed and stood up. When she walked to the door, she couldn't help telling Maria, "Maria, take good care of the young master. I'm leaving now."

Maria nodded sadly and slowly followed Mary out of the villa.

Not until Mary was out of sight did Maria sit still, with tears in her eyes.

What had happened these days was just like a colorful firework, which lit up the sky. The villa once belonged to only the young master. Later, Kate moved in, and then Lily moved in. It was also a place that Colin often came. And then, both of Mary and Zoey also lived here.

But now All the people left in the form of birds and beasts, and the noisy villa returned to silence Only Master remained.

Looking around the deserted yard and then at the empty villa, Maria felt depressed. She was the witness of all that happened in the villa. She witnessed the villa growing from silence to lively, and then from noise to silence.

All of this was like a dream, which ended without a reason. When she woke up, there was nothing.

She really missed these days when a group of people laughed and joked with each other, such as cold young master, elegant second young master, innocent little princess and lively Kate. She sighed and turned into the villa.

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