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   Chapter 288 Her Decision

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9671

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When she came out of the bedroom, Brian had already left. And Mary was sitting on the sofa in the hall, waiting for her.

At the sight of Kate coming down, Mary stood up immediately, held her wrist with a frown, and asked with a serious voice, "Kate, did you quarrel with Brian?"

Kate turned her face away, pushed away Mary's hand and slightly shook her head. She was about to walk around Mary for breakfast, but Mary grabbed her arm. She turned back and saw Mary looking at her seriously.

"Kate, there are always some conflicts between a couple. What's more, Brian just lost his family. You should be more tolerant." Mary said sincerely.

Kate lightly shook her hand off and said helplessly, "Mom, we're not quarrelling with each other. We just I want to leave for a while. "

"A while? How long? Where are you going? " Asked Mary

Kate shook her head and confessed, "I don't know where to go. I want to leave with Grandpa Ding. He found that the poison that Zoey poured to me contains a poison that could cause people to be paralyzed, so I've never been in a bad mental state."

Mary looked at Kate with amazement. Kate smiled and said, "I don't know how long I'll stay there. Maybe two years, maybe four years, maybe It was a long time. Who knows? "

"Why didn't Mr. Ding treat you in Z City?" Asked Mary, puzzled.

He didn't have the cure for the poison. He needs to study it, so it is more convenient for me to follow him. And perhaps grandpa Ding is still angry with the death of Zoey. After all, Brian is the man that Zoey loves. " Kate patiently explained to Mary.

After a short pause, Mary nodded and said, "then I'll leave with you so that I can take care of you."

"I'm fine, mom. Don't worry. I also want to go for a walk alone." Kate patted Mary's shoulder and smiled: "I will be back as soon as I am cured."

Mary shook her head. "You silly girl, you don't have a set time, how can Brian wait for you? If you meet someone else and will never come back, do you want him to wait for you forever? "

After hearing Mary's words, Kate was absent-minded for a while. She hadn't thought about that. In her heart, she seemed to be sure that Brian would wait for her, and no matter how long, he would wait for her to come back home.

"Kate, how about we find other doctors? I don't believe that no one can detoxify you except that old Professor Ding." "No one can tell what will happen in the future, and no one can predict it." Mary said

As Kate didn't respond, Mary continued, "mom saw your relationship with Brian. There are good men in the world and don't miss them. If you miss them, they won't come back again. Have you ever thought that he fell in love with another woman when you left? "

After a moment's silence, Kate smiled at Mary and said, "I've made up my mind that no matter what will happen in the future, I have to leave. This is my only chanc

In the past, Kate took this contract as the guarantee of all her rights and the weapon to cope with Brian This familiar handwriting brought a sense of familiarity to Kate.

This guy He even hid the agreement for her Was it because he didn't want to restrict them with this paper? HMM It seemed that CEO liked her first.

Kate smiled, eyes turning sour and eyelashes wet with tears.

She silently put away the agreement and wrote a letter on the table exclusive to Brian.

She wished Brian could wait for her, but she didn't want Brian to wait for her either. If something happened to her? then she didn't come back?

After finishing her writing, Kate read it a few more times and put the paper on Brian's desk relieved.

This was not the first time she left Brian in this way. The last time, she didn't completely believe in Brian and thought she could help him and Lily by sacrificing herself, which made her right arm useless.

But this time, it was different. She did it to make it up this time.

Kate didn't know what his expression would be when he saw all this. Would he be angry? Or just being disappointed? She couldn't guess, just like she couldn't.

But even if she could not guess what was going on, she trusted Brian unconditionally. Just like now, even if Brian knew she was going to leave, she believed that he would not stop her.

Kate bit her lips, stood up eventually, gently closed the door and walked out of the study. She reached into her pocket and pinched the contract that made her feel so amused.

It turned out that they were also naive back then

Kate went back to her bedroom and dragged her luggage out. After taking a few steps, she couldn't help but look back at their bedroom. Maybe From now on, she was no longer the mistress of this bedroom

Kate raised up her head slightly and said to herself silently, 'Kate, you deserve it no matter what will happen in the future.'.

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