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   Chapter 287 Everyone's Thoughts

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9673

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In her dream, Kate saw her grandmother and the baby They were separated by a piece of transparent paper. She stretched out her hands but was unable to catch them. She could do nothing but watch them slowly getting away from her

"No!" Kate couldn't help but shouted at them, and then she also woke up.

She looked around blankly. Kate found she had come back to her bedroom, and Brian was not next to her. Kate had not recovered from her nightmare. When she woke up, she found that Brian was not there. She could not help but become a little flustered.

When she was about to call him, she saw a small flame near the window and a smell of cigarette permeated her nose.

Following the light, Kate looked at the direction of the light and saw Brian standing by the French window. His face became colder in the moonlight. The white smoke he smoked incessantly fell over the ground beneath his feet.

She looked at the cigarettes he lit, but he barely smoked. He lit another one when it was finished.

Seeing this, Kate frowned. Brian never smoked Kate's heart ached for him.

Brian must blame himself. If he hadn't done this to Juliet, she wouldn't have gone crazy and she wouldn't go to the hospital. But if it weren't for William, Juliet wouldn't have had a chance to enter the hospital.

How to untie the knot in the heart between William and Brian? Twenty years ago, it was also because of William that Juliet killed Jean. Now, Juliet had killed Brian's grandmother because of William.

Although William was always out of kindness, the fact that he was an accomplice couldn't be changed.

"Why are you up?" He hugged her tightly and the smell of cigarettes immediately overwhelmed Kate.

Though Kate didn't like the smell of cigarettes, for some reason, she didn't have any aversion but felt it pleasant when she smelled the light Cologne on Brian.

"She just woke up." Kate answered obediently.

Holding her in his arms, Brian lied on the bed and lightly replied, "good girl, go to sleep."

"You smoke?" Kate ignored him. She didn't hate the smell of cigarettes from him, but she still didn't like to see him smoking.

"Yes." Brian admitted that Kate still wanted to teach him a lesson. Her red lips were suddenly covered by Brian's. she could only glare at him a few times. The deep dark eyes made her blush. She couldn't help but close her eyes.

They made love for the whole night.

The sun slanted through the window, and Kate woke up early. No matter how tired she was, Kate couldn't sleep long. She always woke up on time. Like now, she was completely awake.

She looked up at Brian, who was also awake. As she looked at him, Kate decisively shrank into the quilt, her heart racing uncontrollably. Kate despised herself in her heart. They were an old couple. Why was she still shy

"Kitten, get up." Brian's voice was low, attractive and magnetic. Kate tho

te remembered Mr. Ding once mentioned that there was toxins remained in her brain. If not treated in time, the poison would spread and cause brain death.

She needed to be treated as she must live well. When she was cured, she could come back to him and stay with him forever, and she could go nowhere.

Kate had never doubted their relationship, but they really needed time to sort out their thoughts. Whenever they met each other, she wouldn't think too much, but whenever Brian was not around, she couldn't help thinking a lot.

She was afraid that one day, when they faced each other, she would see him force himself to smile, which was not what Kate wanted to see.

"I'm sorry, Brian." Kate muttered.

Both of them needed time to breathe and give each other time to adjust their emotions.

After wiping her tears, Kate slowly walked in front of the dressing table. Looking at her red eyes in the mirror, she forced a pale smile, which was totally different from her usual smile.

In fact, even if Professor Ding didn't mention it to her, she probably wanted to give time to go out alone and take a walk.

Leaving was Kate's choice.

As Kate let her hair go in the air, she picked up a comb and started to comb her hair. Her hands seemed to be a bit unfamiliar with the movements of the comb. Usually, Brian would comb for her, but this time, she was more unfamiliar with the comb.

Since her pregnancy, she had been more and more dependent on Brian, and she had been estranged from many things.

It would be a long time later that she would not enjoy his warmth.

She might miss her present life and everything about him, but even if she missed him, she would leave.

Colin's judgement on her was right. She knew what she wanted and knew how to achieve her goal.

Kate looked at herself in the mirror blankly. She held her lips and made a funny face at herself. It was so ugly, but she just smiled.

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