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   Chapter 286 Let Bygones Be Bygones

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10083

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After leaving Juliet's bedroom, Colin took the sandalwood box to the backyard, lighted it and burned the diary. He looked at the rising smoke and whispered, "bye, mom."

Standing at the window, Kate also saw the bonfire in the backyard and the relieved expression on Colin's face. She didn't expect that it was her and Colin who sent the past away one day.

The diary that linked the past with reality finally disappeared. Since then, it had really been the past.

From now on, no one would know what the truth would be.

Kate slightly closed her eyes, letting the autumn wind blow over her face. She was in a trance and her phone suddenly rang. She quickly took it out and answered it without checking who was calling. "I'm going back."

She thought it was a call from Brian.

"Miss Luo, it's me." The old voice from the other side made Kate stunned.

"Professor Ding?" Kate asked with hesitation.

"Yes." Replied Professor Ding.

Kate was confused. Why did Mr. Ding call her?

"What's wrong?" Kate was somehow flustered after she received the call from Professor Ding.

"It's about your disease." "I found that there was a kind of poison which was not noticed before contained in the medicine. It is hidden in the brain nerve and will slowly spread. If it is serious, people's brain nerves will be completely paralyzed. "

"Affected by medicine, people are suffering from mood swings, sometimes happiness and sometimes worry. You showed the same expression in the next check-up. I thought it was caused by hypnosis and medicines. Now it seems that the toxin hiding in the brain began to work. "

Kate was stunned.

"I will leave here in a few days. If you want, you can leave with me. It is difficult to cure this poison with western medicine. I need the Chinese medicine that is not available here. " Said Professor Ding.

"Why?" Asked Kate. She didn't understand why this old professor had suddenly asked her to do so.

Professor Ding smiled, "Your family killed my granddaughter. Shouldn't you compensate me with a granddaughter?" Besides, you have been bothering me to cure Brian's arm. This is your only chance. "

Kate was stunned again. She did come to see Professor Ding because of the broken arm of Brian. But he was so cold to her every time. She thought he had forgotten about it.

After a moment's silence, Kate replied, "I will think about it."

"Yes." Replied Professor Ding.

After talking with Professor. Ding on the phone, Kate's mind was in a mess. Should she leave here with him?

She guessed the purpose of this professor.

Zoey was killed by a member of Li family. As a result, Professor Ding lost his successor. He wanted to find a successor. Kate was stupefied, wondering why this old Professor Ding wanted to cultivate her into his successor?

Kate's heart was beating fast. If she was really able to learn medicine from Professor Ding, maybe she could cure Brian's arm in the future, then Brian would be as perfect as before.

Besides She had been in

am suddenly called him, "Colin, how's your wound?"

Hearing that, Colin was in a daze. The wound that he referred to was beaten by William when he was extremely angry last time.

"Nothing." Without looking back, Colin just shook his head and left the bedroom again.

When Colin walked out of the bedroom, he heard William's coughing continuously. Colin paused slightly, but a few seconds later he left straight. There were a lot of things to deal with in the Li's mansion.

Leaning against the bed, William felt a little sad. After Juliet passed away, everything was handled by Colin alone, without making him worry.

He could no longer blame Juliet, and he even felt grateful that she brought Colin back. But Colin didn't know that he had always been William's pride, because only he had always been with his parents.

Brian was like the sun. Its own body was shining brightly. As long as there was him, all the eyes were focused on him. His excellence was unparalleled in few people.

Of course, William was relieved to see his son like this. In his relief, he could not help but feel somewhat helpless, because his son had never stayed by his side. They hadn't had a good conversation since he was a child.

Since returning to the country, Brian had been living in his private villa and seldom returned to the Li family mansion. It was difficult to see him.

But Colin was different. He was like the moon, gentle and considerate, and never talked back to his parents. Born in a wealthy family, he was never like a spoiled brat.

Since he was so obedient, William didn't need to worry about her at all. On the contrary, his disobedient son made him worry.

Her two sons were completely two extremes, one extremely rebellious and the other extremely obedient.

William sighed. The Li family was completely destroyed. Someone left, and someone was in a coma Many servants were dismissed. Besides several servants in the huge manor, there were only him and Colin.

It was late autumn now.

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