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   Chapter 284 Grandma Died

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Under the lead of a nurse, the security guards of this floor reached the door. One of them raised his gun and pointed it at Juliet's head. "Let her go!" he ordered coldly

Juliet turned around and looked at the guard. She grinned. Her face was twisted and ferocious, like a devil that had just climbed out of hell. Her body was covered with large blood, and the wounds were shocking.

"Go to hell! Hahaha! " Juliet shouted and laughed wildly. Suddenly, she let go of the old woman and the security guard was about to breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Juliet grabbed the water transfusion bottle hanging above her head and threw it at the old woman.

"Bang!" All of a sudden, the whole world fell into silence.

The old woman's forehead was scattered with broken glass pieces, and the blood seeped from her forehead. Juliet still kept laughing and her face looked fierce. The security guard at the door was holding the gun, smoking, and his hand was slightly trembling.

No one had ever seen how that scene had happened.

"Help her!" Someone shouted in the crowd, and the astonished nurses and doctors rushed in.

At the same time, Kate and Brian were just about to walk out of the office of Professor Ding and go to the ward to see the elderly. However, before they reached the ward, they saw two doctors and nurses in white coat were pushing two cars passing in front of them.

Brian stiffened and from the corner of his eyes, he saw the wrinkled hand under the white sheet. He suddenly called, "grandmother."

"Mr. Li, the old lady..." A doctor came out of the room and explained to Brian, trembling with fear.

Before the doctor finished his words, Brian turned around and followed the wheelchair. Kate stood still, looked at the doctor and asked calmly, "what happened?"

The doctor hurried to tell the truth to her.

Juliet hit the old woman with a transfusion bottle, and at the same time she was shot on the head by the security guard.

After saying that, the doctor added, "please help me tell Mr. Li." Then he walked away immediately.

Juliet Grandma Kate looked blankly at the end of the corridor, wondering why Juliet was here? She stood there dully for a few minutes and followed him immediately.

At the door of the emergency room, she saw Brian sitting on the bench, with his hands on his forehead. Kate took a deep breath and walked to Brian, then sat beside him.

No one spoke first.

After a while, Professor Ding also arrived at the emergency room. He paused when he passed by Kate and Brian. He glanced at them but soon walked past them.

After a long time, Professor Ding came out, stooped slightly in front of Brian and said, "sorry, there's nothing I can do."

That night, Kate forgot how she came back to the villa and how much wine had Brian drunk. The sky was so dark that it seemed to fall down, and the atmosphere was too oppressive to breathe.

Time flew for a week.

William had come to look for Kate, but he didn't dare to a

e disappeared in the darkness.

"If there is nothing else, I will go back first." Kate rubbed her hands and spoke awkwardly.

A few seconds later, William nodded and answered absentmindedly, "go back. It's cold outside."

"Take care."

After a few seconds, William turned around and looked down at Kate. He called her name with difficulty, "Kate."

Hearing the voice, Kate raised her head and looked at him. It was not until then that she really saw what a man looked like. He looked much older than before, with sunken eyes. His turbid eyes seemed to look at her, but they seemed to penetrate her. Nothing could be seen through.

He wanted to say something but stopped. he said after a long while, "you too. Be careful on the way."

Kate nodded and forced a smile, "bye."

She watched William slowly turn around and walk away in front of her. Her thin back was as thin and helpless as a piece of paper in the wind. With her eyes on his back, Kate knew it wasn't William's fault. But except for William, no one could be blamed.

When William was about to disappear in front of Kate, he suddenly leaned and fell down in front of Kate. Without hesitation, Kate ran over and lifted him up. "Dad William, are you okay?"

For William had just touched his crutch. He pushed away Kate's hand and said, "nothing. I'm fine. You can go back now."

But Kate didn't let him go. She held him up and said, "I'll sent you back to the Li mansion."

There should be no one in the Li family mansion now, or Colin was still there. The house used to be filled with noise, but now it returned to desolation.

Though William had been rejecting, he still compromised due to Kate's insistence. After they got on the car, Kate held William's arm and sent Brian a message, telling him that she will back later because she sent William home.

Kate waited for a long time and received no reply from Brian. She put her phone away.

Brian probably didn't want to hear anything about William now

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