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   Chapter 283 Juliet Is Insane

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As time went by, Kate regained her position and followed Brian to work every day. She also mentioned what William said to her to Brian.

At that time, Kate couldn't see Brian's expression and she couldn't figure out if he was disdainful or just accepted it in silence. But from the fact that Juliet hadn't been released from prison, it was more likely that he was contemptuous.

Every day after work, Kate and Brian would go to the hospital to accompany grandma. According to Professor Ding, grandma's condition slowly improved, and she would be discharged from the hospital soon.

Professor Ding said coldly. His granddaughter was killed by Li family, so there was no reason for him to be kind to Li family. It was said that Professor Ding was ready to leave.

Leave Kate was stunned.

"Kate, focus on your work!" Seeing that Kate was distracted, Lora patted her head with the file. It was so hurt that Kate regained consciousness.

"What's wrong with you again? You look so cute when you are in a daze. " As she said, Lora pulled out a chair and sat beside Kate. It was 12 o'clock in the noon, which was the time for company rest.

Kate leaned back on the soft chair and answered, "nothing."

"Do you know where Sherry is now?" Lora asked curiously.

"Sherry..." Kate nodded. She had found Sherry for a long time.

"I didn't expect that Sherry is from a rich family." Lora covered his face with his hands and looked inconceivable. "She is quite famous in Z city. You are so busy with your own things lately that you don't know that Sherry has become the most popular woman of the king of the underworld. "

"Oh my God! Master. Elmore is so handsome! He looks so charming! That seductive look! My goodness! So handsome! " Lora shouted as she recalled the scene.

Kate turned around and mourned for Jacob for three minutes.

Before Kate's distress was over, a scream of pain came from the Lora on her side. She raised her head and saw that Jacob was gloomily standing in front of them, holding Lora's ears.

Kate mourned for Lora for three minutes.

"Lora, if I heard another man's name coming out of your mouth next time. I will..." Said Jacob, gritting his teeth with a ruthless look as if he was going to swallow Lora.

As a spectator, Kate leisurely kept quiet and watched the couple tussling with each other.

"I just want to say it." Lora retorted, not to be outdone.

After a few words, Lora suddenly covered her stomach and went to the bathroom, vomiting towards the white porcelain basin. Seeing this, Kate quickly followed her and reached out her hands to hold her.

Kate frowned and thought why Lora's symptom resembled her when she was pregnant so much? Maybe Lora is pregnant?

"It's Jacob's baby?" Kate blurted out.

Jacob stood behind them, but didn't move forward.

Seeing the complicated expression on Jacob's face, Kate suddenly had a bad feeling After Lora vomiting, she replied to Kate: "no..."

"……" It reminded Kate of David. He had something to do with Lora.


th a weird smile on her face, she said, "let's go to the hospital."

go to the hospital! She would kill them all! Kill them all!

In the past few days, there was always a voice telling her that she killed them all!

The driver was frightened by Juliet's tone and shivered. In order to get rid of this woman as soon as possible, he sped up.

The car reached the hospital soon. Juliet stumbled out of the car, and the car drove straight away. Immediately, the car chasing after Juliet also stopped. Juliet seemed to know that the driver of the car was coming to take her home.

She entered the hospital in a hurry and took the elevator to the ward at the top of the hospital. She remembered the old woman's room. They all deserved to die! Both Jean and Jean's mother deserved to die!

She wanted everyone to go to hell! Go to hell!

Although Juliet had never come to visit grandma, she knew which ward she was in.

When the nurse saw Julie with her hair disheveled, she dropped the infusion bottle violently. She covered her head and screamed, "ah! Ghost! Ah ah ah ah! "

Juliet looked at the nurse fleeing away in a panic, and suddenly had a hint of unspeakable joy. She laughed and quickly walked into the old lady's ward.

At night, the old woman was still sleeping.

There were two nurses serving the old. When Juliet came in, the two nurses were frightened and screamed again and again, which alerted the security on the floor.

Juliet laughed crazily. She dragged to the bedside of the old woman and pulled the needle on the back of her hand. The nurse wanted to stop her, but Juliet suddenly picked up the porcelain bottle on the table and threw it at the nurse. The nurse was hit to fall.

The old lady on the bed was awakened by the noise. Noticing that she was awake, Juliet grinned fiendishly and pinched her neck. "You old asshole! You wake up? "

"Ahem!" The old woman was choked by Juliet's words. She could do nothing but watch Juliet's distorted face getting closer and closer.

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