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   Chapter 281 Juliet Was Arrested

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10352

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Standing in the balcony to breathe some fresh air, Kate happened to see Martin walking out of the hospital. He finally chose to leave.

"Enjoying the view?" Someone was holding her waist from the back and the familiar breath came to her. Kate's head slowly leaned back and she could feel who the man was with her toes.

"Martin has left." Kate didn't turn around.

"Yes." Seeing the thin figure at the gate of the hospital, Brian replied indifferently.

Kate turned around in a bad mood and said: "Brian, he's your brother! What's wrong with you? "

"It's his choice and I have no right to interfere." Prison's tone was still cold and moody. He looked at Kate's serious and frowned face, and raised his hand to rub her eyebrows, "silly girl, have you forgotten who wanted to blow up the castle and perish with us? Now you feel sorry for Martin? "

Kate's cheek bulged up. She still felt that Martin was a poor guy. But there were always hateful things about people who were pathetic. He deserved it. As far as Kate was concerned, it was inexplicable that Martin hated Colin to such an extent. He could not take control of Colin's life, nor could Colin make Martin homeless. In this case, Colin had been in a passive state.

"Brian, to be honest, you liked Lily and Colin more than Martin." Kate turned around, looked up at him happily and said firmly.

Brian smiled noncommittally and took her hand. "The wind is strong here. Let's go back."

"Yes." Kate nodded and followed him.

Even without a word from Brian, Kate could feel that Brian really cared about Colin and Lily. But she didn't expect that Colin would be so heartless and she didn't want to see him now.

Kate stayed at the hospital to take care of grandmother. Brian still have some things to be dealt. Although they were on the same floor, Kate still didn't come to Lily's ward to see her. What Colin had done made her sad.

At Li's mansion.

The depressing atmosphere covered every corner of the courtyard. A sharp scream broke the dull atmosphere. "Brian! What do you mean? "

Juliet looked at the pictures that spread all over the table, almost going mad. The woman in those pictures was herself, and the man was Mike. Every picture was radiant. She trembled all over, and the panic in her eyes was more than that she could believe.

"Lily is your and Mike's daughter." With Brian's legs crossed, he looked up at Juliet indifferently and said in a flat tone.

William held those pictures in his hand, and looked at Juliet with trembling eyes. "Juliet, you did a good job! Very well! "

He had raised them for twenty years, but none of them was his child, which was hard for William to accept. Juliet was so frightened by his cruelty that her lips turned pale.

Suddenly, William crumpled the photo into a ball and threw it at Juliet. He roared angrily at her, "you get out! Get out of my house! "

"What Do you really think you have done nothing wrong? Why are you blaming me? " Juliet didn't want to admit her mistake. She also stood up and shouted at William.

Without being influenced at all, Bri

liam didn't know what to say, and what should he say now.

"I'm sorry. I didn't protect Jean well," Facing the old woman, William couldn't help but soften his tone. He was afraid that his voice would disturb the old woman's rest.

"Let bygones be bygones." The old woman said in an indifferent tone. It was hard to tell whether he was relieved or angry.

"Brian still cared about that?" Speaking of Brian, William could not help but sigh. Just now, from Brian's eyes, he was obviously wanting to kill Juliet.

The old woman sighed, "I'm also worried about Brian. Hatred has been lurking in his heart for too long. He can't give up."

"He never understood Is the most unnecessary thing in a relationship. "

William just listening to her, without cutting in any words.

They did not talk about the past, but talked about something that had happened recently, as if that thing 20 years ago did not happen. It was not because William didn't want to mention it, but it was because grandmother didn't dare to mention it. He didn't have the qualifications.

The things twenty years ago would always be awakened again, and they were always placed in front of them. That was the past that William could not escape.

"William, bring a bunch of lavender when you go to see Jean next time. It's her favorite flower," The old woman said softly.

Before the old woman could finish his words, William looked at her in disbelief. The old woman leaned against the pillow, her eyes slightly closed. She was kind and gentle, and even her breath was slightly fragile.

For a moment, William thought the old woman did not exist in the world.

The old woman called his name, indicating that she had forgiven him, all that he had.

After a while, William replied, "okay." He stared at the old lady's peaceful sleeping face and smiled, "thank you for your forgiveness."

Before he was forgiven, William would never feel relieved all his life. In fact, he hadn't got out of the past, just like Brian. Brian was filled with hatred, but he was filled with guilt.

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