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   Chapter 278 Brother

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Standing in front of the door of Martin's ward, William hesitated for a while and then pushed the door open.

In the ward, Martin had woken up but Adam was dead. Martin leaned against the bed, with his eyes half-closed. When William walked to sit by his side, he didn't open his eyes.

After a moment of silence, William asked first, "are you okay?"

"Yes." Martin replied simply.

William ignored his indifference and continued with a smile, "you have grown up."

Martin didn't say anything.

"When you are discharged from the hospital, come back to the Li family." William sighed.

"No, thanks." Martin refused.

For a moment, William did not know what to say. They had not seen each other for more than twenty years. Even if they were relatives, they were not so familiar.

"You'd better think it over. Your home is the Li's." William smiled.

Martin kept silent. After sitting on the bedside for a while, William stood up and left.

Juliet, who was standing at the door, hurriedly walked up to William and asked, "is he all right?"

Since he got to know the truth, William's attitude towards Juliet was getting worse. In order to keep her position in the Li family, she had hidden it from him for twenty years.

Noticing the bad look on William's face, Juliet shut up and followed him slowly. She was getting more and more uneasy. If William knew that Lily wasn't his daughter, she really had no position in the Li family.

When they walked to Lily's ward, Colin was still standing by Lily's bed. Lily did not wake up. She was as quiet as the sleeping snow princess.

At the sight of William and Juliet, Colin stood up and greeted them politely.

Even though William and Juliet were not his parents, they had raised him for twenty years and given him wealth. After all, he should be polite to her.

"Colin, how is Lily now?" Juliet looked at Lily and felt sorry for her.

"She doesn't wake up but there is no life danger." When Colin sat down, he covered the quilt for Lily gently as usual.

William looked at Colin with a complicated expression. It was decided by Brian that Colin would continue to stay in the Li group.

Colin seemed not to notice the gaze of William. He gently held Lily's small hand and smiled, "Chairman, you can rest assured. When Lily's physical condition is completely stabilized, I will take her away."

Juliet exclaimed.

"Mom, I hope you can be with us," Colin looked at Juliet, "G.S is my company. I won't let you get into trouble. I don't want to be the deputy CEO of the Li group. "

Juliet was slightly surprised.

"Stop it! Who allowed you to leave Li family?" "No matter what was your identity before, now that you are called Colin, you can be Colin from this life time!" said William, sprawling from the chair

There was a trace of surprise on Colin's face, but he still smiled and said calmly, "chairman. Thank you for taking care of me all these years. I will repay your efforts, "

"How dare you!" William shouted at him angri

"Of course." The boy replied quickly.

"How long will you carry me?" Lily asked.

"All my life."

Maybe from that moment on, he had given his promise to her for the rest of her life.

After Brian came back, twelve year old Lily was very curious about the rebellious young man. Out of curiosity, she tried every means to approach him, send him food, tell jokes, and she also did her best to protect her elder brother in front of Juliet.

Colin had seen all this. Although he was not willing to see Lily was intimate with Brian, he was on the same side with her.

Sometimes, when Lily always held banquets at home and went out with her hand dragged Brian, because she didn't like to face the crowd, Colin was still worried and followed her. Because of Lily, the love between Brian and Colin was hidden deep in the bottom of their hearts.

After that, when Colin went abroad, he would call Lily everyday.

Since Colin had no sense of security, the only way he could use was to control Lily's every move in this way. He was too afraid of losing, so he also knew that Brian was only an idol of Lily.

Fortunately, Lily was simple-minded. She didn't know that Colin was watching them, so she just took what he had done as a habit and was used to being protected by him.

Because of the habit and dependence, she could not tell anyone about what her brother did even when she knew the truth. Because she is afraid her second brother will be injured. Colin knew her too well. He knew Lily's weakness very well. Every step, Lily's reaction was exactly what he expected.

But when he learned that Lily grew up faster than his expectation, he panicked and could only advance a lot of things. Even if they were brother and sister, he would tell the people all over the world that he loved her.

"Silly girl, you are really a silly girl. Brother is strong. Why did you take the bullet?" Colin held her cold and weak hand tightly, put her hand on his face, and said in a tone full of pity and helplessness.

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