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   Chapter 275 Raging Flames

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The stairway was surrounded by fire. Someone had applied sulfur, phosphorescence and other chemical substance on the castle's ground and walls in advance. The fire spread over in a few minutes.

One of the pillars suddenly fell from their heads. Hearing the fall, Brian frowned, lifted his foot and kicked off the pillar. At the same time, he used the impact force of the pillar to block the fire in front. With the help of the pillar, Brian took Kate and quickly jumped down the stairs.

When they reached the first floor, Colin and Martin were still arguing with each other. There weren't many people in the castle, including a few minions besides Adam.

"Kate! Marcus! " Lily struggled even harder when she saw Brian and Kate walking towards her. However, she was too weak to push Adam away.

Seeing this, Kate shook off the hand of Brian at once, grasped the other hand of Lily with the other hand forward, and at the same time kicked the abdomen of Adam heavily.

Caught off guard, Adam staggered back two steps. And Kate took advantage of the victory and shook Adam off with a suplex.

Lily marveled at Kate's agility and agility.

Brian shook his head helplessly. His woman was so good at beating, and this It was not a good thing.

On the other side, Colin was obviously at a disadvantage. Although Colin was good at Kung Fu, Martin had been fighting in the organization led by Colin. In terms of pure strength, Colin was not a match for Martin.

Brian frowned and pushed Colin away. Looking at his sudden appearance, Martin frowned. "It's over." said Brian

"No! It's not over yet. You can't escape! Die with me! " Martin's face became weird and coquettish in the light of the fire.

Brian, however, didn't even look at him. Instead, he grabbed Colin's wrist, trying to bypass him. However, he was stopped by Martin standing in front of them. Brian frowned. The fire was spreading so fast. Several minutes later, it could devour the hall.

After a few seconds of stalemate between the two, Martin suddenly said, "Brian, let's have a fight, if you win, I'll let you go. If you lose, then stay. I'll leave. "

"Okay." Just as Brian finished his words, Martin's fist was shot towards Brian like lightning. Brian tilted his head slightly, grabbed his wrist with one hand, and kicked his waist heavily with a side kick. Just in a few seconds, Brian raised his leg, and his knee hit heavily on the chest of Martin.

The next second, Brian's fist hit Martin on the face.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Martin suddenly dashed forward like a mad beast. With a slight movement of the body of Brian, he didn't punch and kick Martin until Martin was in front of him. Accurately, he attacked the weakest part of Martin's defense. Martin was covered all over with cuts and bruises, out of breath. With a thin sweat on the forehead, Brian looked at Martin indifferently.

Martin was speaking of power, while Brian was speaking fast.

When his speed couldn't keep up with it, he would have no way to use more strength. After a few rounds, the winner had been determined.

At the same time, Kate was as powerful as Adam. They were neck and neck. Lily noticed a vase on the table. She picked it up immediately

ked at the boundless lake and felt inexplicably tired. At this moment, she wanted to find a place to have a rest. A place without Brian without Mary..

There was only herself there.

Many pains could not be passed simply by saying. No matter how she consoled herself and forced herself to smile, she hadn't recovered from the loss of her baby. And if she wanted to cure the hands of Brian, she must do so.

The lake was swaying and the lights on the roadside were all reflected on it, which made a beautiful scene. Kate leaned on the railing, looking far away without a focus in her eyes.

"Why did Martin do that? In order to revenge on Colin and replace his twenty years of life? " Kate looked up at Brian and asked.

Brian didn't answer

"But Colin's been having a hard time in the past twenty years." Before Brian answered, Kate continued, "everyone has his or her own place. Only when you find a place that totally belongs to you can you live a happy life."

"Kitten." Holding her by the waist, Brian said in a soft voice, "you are in my position. You are not allowed to escape."

Kate was silent.

Why It seemed that she was not happy being with Brian

With so many things on her mind, she couldn't tell if they were true or not. Kate thought of the photo that Zoey showed her when she lost consciousness, a photo Brian and another girl on it.

Kate knew that the photo was photoshoped, but she still wanted to know who the girl in it was.

"Do you still remember the photos that Zoey gave me? Brian Who is the girl on it? " Kate asked unintentionally.

Brian smiled and kissed her hair. "Silly cat, are you jealous?"

Kate looked back and glared at him in shame and anger. Then, Brian quickly pressed her red lips and kissed her deeply.

The crescent moon in the sky shyly hid in the clouds, and the wind became hot.

However, tears fell down from Kate's eyes one by one. Brian kissed her eyelids. It was not her fault. Because of the heavy drug of Zoey, Kate's damaged nerves could not recover for a long time. In addition, considering the recent events, she had not been able to get rid of the pain of losing her child.

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