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   Chapter 274 Martin's Purpose

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Lily took these feelings out of her mind and got off the car following behind Martin.

Lily noticed a black Bugatti Veyron parked outside the castle. Obviously, it was from her brother, Brian. Lily frowned. Her eldest brother was still inside, which meant that Kate was safe.

When they reached the door, they were stopped by the bodyguards who were guarding at the door. Lily wanted to ask the bodyguards to inform, but she didn't expect that Martin, who was next to them, punched the two bodyguards on the shore to the ground in an instant.

Lily was shocked. She thought, 'it seems that he is very good at martial arts...' If Colin fought with him, Colin might not be able to be beaten.

Sensing the surprise in Lily's eyes, Martin raised his head proudly and asked, "do you think I'm better than your second elder brother?"

"……" Lily remained silent.

Martin took Lily's hand with a smile. Lily, however, couldn't resist the strength of Martin. She gave him a few stare and was dragged into the castle by him.

When she pushed the door open, Lily saw Colin and Brian sitting face to face on the sofa. In front of them, there were some documents. One of them had a cold face, while the other was gentle.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to get along so well with each other." Lifting his eyebrows, Martin smiled and pulled Lily to them step by step.

Lily shook off his hand and followed him slowly. Seeing that Martin was coming in, Brian frowned slightly, and then Colin immediately looked at Lily who was behind Martin.

"Lily, come here." Colin stood up suddenly and looked at Martin vigilantly.

Lily wanted to walk to the side of Colin, but his wrist was pulled by Martin again. She fell into his arms unexpectedly. With Colin's torch-like eyes on Martin, Lily came to realize that she seemed to be deceived by Martin. It was impossible for Colin to kidnap Kate here. Martin just wanted to bring her here?

At this time, Brian also stood up slightly, with coldness in his black eyes, which fixed on Martin's face.

"Are you the Colin twenty years ago?" Retorted Brian in a statement.

Hearing that, Martin squinted slightly and the corners of his mouth bent upwards. With a smile, he clapped his hands and said, "you deserve to be my brother."

Lily was confused.

Colin's face stiffened.

"The reunion of us three, Five, it seems to have nothing to do with you." Although Martin looked ordinary, the smile on his face made him look evil.

"Lily, come here." Paying no attention to Martin, Colin looked at Lily and said again.

After hesitating for a moment, Lily suddenly held up Martin's arm and bit him hard. Before he came to himself, she immediately ran towards Colin. Colin caught her firmly.

Looking at his empty embrace and then at the three standing together, Martin's smile grew more somber.

"Five, why are you still pestering the Li family? I'm afraid that the Li family will not allow you anymore."

Five was Colin's name in the orphanage.

Seeing that Colin's face was getting colder, Lily couldn't help but feel a little scared.

"You are just a puppet living in other people's nam

ut Brother and sister-in-law are innocent." Colin wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked coldly at Martin.

Hearing Colin's words, Martin burst into laughter as if he had heard a funny joke. "Innocent?" He glanced at Colin, "don't forget, it's all your fault. If you hadn't led them here, they wouldn't have suffered an undeserved catastrophe."

"Let them go!" Colin picked up the gun at his waist and pointed it at Martin.

Martin walked to Colin, "The door has been blocked tightly by me. I have said that my purpose is to kill all of you! I won't spare neither you nor Brian. "

"Brother, don't shoot!" Seeing that Colin was about to shoot, Lily stopped him at once. She held his hand and said, "brother, please don't kill Okay? "

Colin paused.

Seeing this, Martin rushed over at once, grabbed the gun from Colin and hit his chest again.

"Brother!" Lily struggled to push him away, but was pulled away by another man. Turning her head around, she saw Adam.

With a cold face, Adam grasped her arm with a moderate strength that Lily couldn't get rid of. Therefore, she could only watch the tussle between Colin and Martin Obviously, Martin who was a boxing student had the upper hand.

In the bedroom of the second floor.

Kate didn't eat the food brought by Adam. She tried many ways, but to no avail.

She gloomily climbed to the table to see if she could get out through a small hole in the wall. Suddenly, there was a sound coming from the door. Kate turned her head and just saw that Brian was coming in.

She was so excited that her feet on the stool were immediately unstable. Her hands and feet were about to fall when Brian stepped forward and caught the woman falling down the chair.

"CEO, how did you come here?" Kate looked at Brian with surprise and happiness.

"move instantly," Brian replied leisurely.

"……" Kate was in silence.

Before they reached the door of the room, a roar came from the room next to theirs. The bright fire and thick smoke gushed from the room, and together with Kate, Brian pulled her to the stairs.

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