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   Chapter 272 Kidnap 1

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Kate buried herself in her work. The materials that Brian had given her were about that wild place. While she was reading those materials, a face of Brian's driver, Adam popped up in her mind.

Adam She had met Adam at the construction site! Kate finally understood why Adam looked familiar to her. It was not the first time she had met him when she went to the villa of Colin to pick up Lily!

The first time for Kate to see Adam was on a construction site. She and Lily were robbed at that time. A group of men in black suit appeared and rescued them, including Adam.

While she was fancying, Kate was absent-minded.

"Miss Luo." A pleasant male voice sounded over her head. Kate raised her head subconsciously and saw that it was Colin.

Kate was surprised as Colin rarely meet her in the company. She quickly stood up and politely bowed her head, "Hello, Mr. deputy."

"Can we have a talk? I have something to talk with you. " Colin slightly nodded and asked softly.

How dare she disobey her boss's order? She nodded quickly, "OK." Then she hurried to catch up with Colin.

The secretaries standing behind looked at each other, and finally someone exclaimed, "is this the legendary love triangle! Oh my God! Kate is so lucky! "

"……" The silence was deafening.

Kate followed Colin out of the company. She was confused and asked, "what's up, Colin?"

"You'll know when you get there," Colin made a perfunctory reply. Kate turned her face to the window and saw the road was going in a wrong direction. She had stayed in Z City for several years, but she had no impression of any of these places.

She tried her best to hold back her confusion and panic. She wanted to call Brian to inform him, but she couldn't get through. She couldn't get through the phone or text.

The place was further and further. Kate tried her best to remember the road.

When he was on the construction site, Colin could call out a group of bodyguards at any time. He must have hidden some secret. Colin Did he want to kidnap her?

When she thought too much, the car slowed down and stopped in front of a castle.

Kate got off the car and stood in front of the castle. She looked up at it. The castle was not big, but it was very beautiful. It was as luxurious and exquisite as the one she read from the fairy tale books.

The castle was surrounded by the thick woods, which gave off a gloomy feeling, as if it were a prison in the forest.

"Come in." Standing not far from her, Colin smiled ambiguously.

Kate didn't move. She looked at Colin warily and asked, "Colin, where is this place?"

"My castle." Colin looked at Kate with his eyes narrowed slightly, and added, "a place that no one will bother."

Kate wiped the sweat on her face. What he said sounded very ambiguous.

"What do you want from me?" Kate didn't want to waste time and asked him directly.

Though the castle looked beautiful, it was difficult for Kate to let down her gu

rue. If Mike just wanted to see Lily, he would not call them and recognize them before they recognized him.

He knew it would put Lily in an awkward situation if he recognized her

Knowing the location of the diary, Mike told Lily about that. Because he wanted Lily to find an opportunity to make the diary public and ruin the Li family.

"But you shouldn't have killed him. If Lily knew about it, she wouldn't forgive you," Kate frowned.

"I won't let her know." Colin picked up the tea on the table and took a sip.

Kate asked again, "did you dispose of Carrie?"

There were so many things Kate wanted to know.

Colin slightly nodded without explanation. There was no need to explain this matter. He was protecting Lily. Carrie didn't deserve to be her friend.

Kate took a deep breath and said, "Colin, you have always protected Lily too well. Do you think she will be grateful to you after you get rid of those who want to hurt her? You should tell Lily what kind of person they are. Carrie or Mike"

"No way!" Then Kate heard something.

If he told Lily the truth about the death of Mike, she might never forgive him.

"If you are not Li's child, who are you?" Kate asked with confusion.

Colin was not afraid of her question. He smiled and answered, "I am an orphan in a town. I have been homeless streets and stayed in an orphanage. Even someone called it an orphanage, it's only another street."

Kate was a little surprised. When Colin looked at her and smiled, she could not guess his emotion from his smile.

He spoke slowly, "twenty years ago, the second young master of Li family died on the way seeing doctor. Because I look like the second son of Li family, Juliet brought me back from the orphanage to Li family. I was too young and I couldn't speak at that time, so they had no scruples in front of me. They didn't expect a four-year-old boy to remember everything. Many of them thought that it was a secret, but I knew it well. "

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