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   Chapter 270 Colin's Choice

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9999

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Lily's head was splitting. She found that her hands and feet were tied up and her eyes were covered with black cloth. She struggled a few times and could not move all over.

Why was she here? Lily remembered that she was going to make dinner for Colin, waiting for Colin.

A familiar fragrance came to her nose. It was the smell of the roses which were sent by the gardener. Lily frowned. Did he kidnap her?

How is that possible? The gardener had been there since the graduation from her high school. He had no reason to kidnap her.

When she was still in confusion, a lethargic voice came into her ears, "sweetheart, are you awake?"

Lily trembled with fear. She wanted to shout for help, but her mouth was sealed. she could do nothing.

The footsteps echoed and stopped in front of her. Lily moved her body to stay away from the man. Her intuition told her that this man was very dangerous.

The man squatted down and took off her blindfold. Lily finally saw the man's face. He had a very ordinary face that could be nowhere to be found as long as he was in the sea of people.

She was totally unfamiliar with this face. Who was he?

"Lily, you are so beautiful." The man's hand fondled Lily's cheek, which startled her. She hurriedly moved away from the man's hand.

A trace of disappointment flashed through the man's face. He pinched her chin in a neither too heavy nor too light way, and sneered, "you think I'm disgusting? I am more disgusting than your second elder brother? "

Lily shook her head desperately, trying to get rid of him.

"Guess if your second elder brother will come to save you?" The man examined Lily up and down. The corners of his mouth curved upward slightly. A sly smile found its way to his face.

Lily's heart skipped a beat when she felt the coldness in his fingers. She trembled with fear.

The man loosened her chin, stood up, and turned coldly.

Not until the man was out of sight did Lily dare to look around. This was a basement of storage in Colin's villa.

She remembered once when she was playing hide and seek with Colin, she hid herself in this basement and waited for Colin for a long time. At that time, it was getting dark.

Lily got flustered. She wanted to walk out by herself, but the basement was too big that she lost her way.

The basement was dark earlier than the ground. Lily was so scared that she squatted in the corner and started crying. When Colin finally found her, she flung herself into his arms and burst into tears, as if he had seen a superman.

She was fourteen and Colin was twenty at that time.

This time, she decided to walk out of the basement on her own. As she moved her hands, Lily saw a piece of metal scattered on an abandoned cabinet.

Lily took a careful glance at the man, who was quietly sitting on the sofa and looking at his watch. She didn't know what he was thinking. Sometimes he smiled and sometimes showed a regretful expression

What a psychopath!

Lily was payin

out the medicine chest to apply medicine to her wound.

During the time of applying medicine, he didn't say anything.

"Brother, what's wrong with you?" Lily noticed that Colin's hand was trembling. She was surprised because she had never been so scared when she was in the basement Was he worried about her?

"I'm fine." Colin forced a smile. He wanted to keep elegant as usual, but he was always like a poor beggar in the street.

Lily thought he was worried about her. She raised another uninjured hand to caress his hair and said with a smile, "don't worry. I will save myself, okay?"

It was at this time that Colin remembered that Lily escaped from the back door herself. He looked at her with a frown. "Lily, where did you escape from?"

"Basement, the basement where we used to play hide and seek." Lily replied.

The moment Lily finished her words, Colin called the bodyguards over and ordered them to search the villa.

No wonder he could not find any clues about Martin before, he was by her side. The most dangerous place was the safest. Martin was smart.

When everything was done, Colin came back to Lily. He lowered his head and continued to apply medicine to her wound. He hoped that it would not be too late to catch Martin now. If Martin really released the evidence, Brian would definitely make this public.

His overt struggles and covert struggles were all seen in the eyes of Brian. How could Brian allow an outsider to take away the Li group.

Seeing that Colin was preoccupied, Lily couldn't help but become dignified. She looked up at him confusedly and asked, "brother, who is that man who kidnapped me?"

Hearing Lily's question, Colin regained his composure and replied in a soft voice, "he worked for me."

Lily frowned. Somehow, she felt that Colin in front of her was a little different from usual. What was he afraid of The man was Colin's subordinate. Did he kidnap her because he was not satisfied with Colin?

Lily had a brainstorm.

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