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   Chapter 269 Colin's Identity

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Though he had confirmed that Lily was fine, Colin still felt uneasy. He handled the company affairs concisely and sent the necessary documents to Brian's office.

"Brother, I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself." Before leaving, he said habitually, and didn't know when this habit began.

Hearing his words, Brian looked up at his back and suddenly asked, "do you really want the Li group?"

Colin paused, but didn't turn back, "brother, what do you think?" His tone sounded somewhat arrogant. For the sake of the Li group, he could marry Zoey in name only. He could put Lily aside and may win the game after tomorrow.

He was looking forward to the day after tomorrow.

The darkness in Brian's eyes dimmed. He didn't withdraw his sight until the back of Colin disappeared in the porch. However, Colin didn't know. The DNA test that could destroy him was lying on the table.

Looking through the document on which the paternity test was done, Brian's face slightly darkened. He thought to himself, "Colin, that's the reason why you were determined to get the Li group.".

He knew there was nothing between Li family and him, so he was afraid of being abandoned?

Lily was the daughter of Juliet and Mike, so who was Colin? At Colin's age, he should be born not long after William and Juliet got married.

Who sent him this?

Brian rubbed his painful temple.

A bold conjecture was increasingly clear in his mind. Immediately, he made a call to an old housekeeper who had served in the Li family for more than twenty years.

"Did Colin have a serious illness when he was four years old?" Brian asked directly.

"Yes. Master Colin was seriously ill at that time. Madam carried him everywhere and asked for the medicine, but it didn't work." The old butler answered respectfully, "later I heard that Madam found a famous doctor who cured master Colin's illness."

Colin frowned. If At that time, the child brought back by Juliet was not Colin?

When Colin was seriously ill, Brian and Jean were taken back to the Li family by William, and William wanted to divorce Juliet. When Colin was sick, it was Juliet who took him and asked for help. But William ignored her deliberately.

At that time, William had been determined to divorce Juliet. However, with the existence of Colin, the power of the Chen family had not completely decline. The elders of the Li family did not allow him to divorce.

If Colin was not the child of the Li family, he must be the child that Juliet brought back from other places in order to protect her position.

Colin had already knew it. As a result, he had a crush on Lily.

The spacious CEO Office was in silence. Brian leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes. It was just his guess. However The conjecture was simple. All he needed to do was to test the relation between Juliet and Colin.

In Colin's villa.

Colin opened the door and strode towards the kitchen. At the same time, he called Lily. "Lily."


keep Martin alive, but now there was no need to keep him alive. He wanted him to die.

But he ordered to search for him for so many days, but they failed. What could he do in three hours now.

He had waited twenty years for this conference, but he didn't want to give up.

In the past 20 years, he had never been confident. Because of his inferiority complex, he lived carefully, and tried to control everything in his own hands.

Now, the problem he had been avoiding was exposed in front of him. The Li group and Lily Which one is more important.

Lily Colin rubbed between his eyebrows.

The first time he saw her, she was a small, pink, adorable baby. At that time, when he heard that he could be a brother, he felt very novel.

But he didn't like Lily at that time because of his innate self-abasement and vigilance. He isolated everyone and everything from her.

However, as time went by, his feelings for this girl gradually changed. The habitual care had finally turned into love.

One was his lover, the other was the position he yearned for many years. How could he choose? Colin was lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, just waiting for two days. Why couldn't God give him two days of comfort!

If he was not the second son of the Li family, would Lily rely on him as before? Would she think he was omnipotent? Colin didn't know the answer in his heart. All his honor and fortune were brought by this identity, except for that, he had nothing.

However 'give up Lily...' He didn't want her to leave.

At his wedding banquet with Zoey, he saw her crying downstairs. It was at that time that he made up his mind to become strong, so that he could protect his favorite little princess.

Now, he had to make a choice, to protect her or to become stronger

Colin didn't know what to do. He was afraid of going back to the past. He was afraid that his past would be uncovered by someone. Not only others, but himself despised and hated his past.

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