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   Chapter 268 Mysterious Man

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After breakfast, Kate didn't go to work with Brian. Instead, she went to Colin's villa.

Lily was the only one in Colin's villa. Since Colin didn't allow Lily to go out, he asked Kate to come to accompany her, afraid that Lily was bored.

When Kate walked into the villa, Lily didn't get up. She rushed to the bedroom and saw Lily playing with her phone on the bed.

When she saw Kate come in, Lily was stunned. She pulled the quilt a little bit and stuck out her head to look at Kate and shouted, "Kate, get out of here."

After giving her a disdainful look, Kate went out of the bedroom moral. A moment later, Lily walked out in a hairy cartoon pajamas.

"Kate, why are you here?" She turned to ask Kate.

"I'm here to see if you are dead." Kate turned around and looked at Lily meaningfully. "Now it seems that you are living a pretty free and easy life."

Lily's face turned crimson with embarrassment. She glared at her but couldn't think of anything to retort. So she just hummed and turned her head away.

This was the first time for Kate to walk into Colin's villa. Last time she came here to pick up Lily and went to Colin's wedding ceremony, she only took a look at the distance outside. At that time, she thought the villa was dark and horrible, but now it seemed that it was not the case.

The hall was filled with things of Lily, such as dolls and other dolls. There was not even a nanny in the villa. Apart from the luxurious and comfortable decoration and appearance, Kate really couldn't find something to prove it a high-end villa. Instead, it was very warm and comfortable.

"Dad William came yesterday?" Sitting on the sofa, Kate asked casually.

Lily nodded and put a peeled apple into her mouth. She said in a muffled voice, "both he and mother don't agree us to be together."

Kate broke into a sweat. She thought to herself, 'no common elders will agree with this, okay?

"What are you going to do in the future?" Kate looked at her and asked.

Lily said with a half joking and half serious smile. "I want to take my second brother away and travel together."

"……" Honey, this answer is not reasonable How could Colin leave the Li group behind? After all, the Li group That's a big company that everyone wants to get close to

After a moment's silence, Lily turned to Kate and asked, "the shareholders' meeting will be held the day after tomorrow, right?"

Kate nodded.

The shareholders meeting was the focus of work of the Li group recently. She heard from Lora that the CEO of the Li group would be changed this time. Many shareholders support Colin

Although the issue in the company couldn't affect the relationship between Kate and Lily, they still occasionally brought it up.

Lily leaned against the sofa while she was eating the apple. She continued with a smile, "after the shareholders meeting, my brothers will not be so busy. I even have made a route to travel."

"The new semester will begin soon, right?" While she was calculating the days, Kate suddenly found that

Li group so much, he could give up. The Li group was not that important to him. Besides, he knew that Colin had the ability to take over the company.

In the deputy CEO office.

Colin rubbed his popping eyes and asked coldly, "haven't you found him yet?"

"Martin seems to have evaporated from the mortal world. I suspect that Martin is not his original identity. Maybe he is good at disguising himself." Vivek shook his head

Hearing that, Colin stood up suddenly. Disguise? So Could the man sneak into his villa.

The most dangerous place was also the safest place. Instantly, Colin gave a call to Lily.

Lily just sent Kate out of the villa and returned to the hall to watch TV. When she saw it was from Colin, she answered it without hesitation. Then she leaned over the sofa with the puppet and watched the variety show on TV.

"Lily." Colin was suddenly relieved when the phone was connected.

"Yes." Lily replied.

Hearing Lily's voice, Colin felt much better. And his irritable coldness was also slowly alleviated. He softly said, "honey, there are vegetables in the refrigerator, you prepare dinner, I will be back soon."

"I know. Come back early." Lily replied with a smile. Then she thought of William and Juliet and couldn't help but ask, "Did dad and mom scold you?"

A nice smile appeared on Colin's face, "I'm fine."

Lily could tell the banter in his tone. She snorted and hung up the phone.

"Damned!" Lily cursed in her mind. She stood up from the sofa and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner with a frown.

The old gardener who back late called Lily by the window. "Lily, come here. I have a gift for you."

Lily walked up to him and asked, "Grandpa, what's wrong?"

"Here you are." The old man handed a bunch of red roses to Lily. The roses smelled really good and Lily couldn't help but smell them.

She looked up and said, "Grandpa, thank you." The moment she finished her words, she felt dizzy. The old gardener still looked so kind, but Lily lose her consciousness.

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