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   Chapter 267 William's Attitude

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On the other side.

When noticing that Colin didn't want to take Lily back to the villa, William was trembling with anger at the mansion of Li family. He immediately asked the butler to prepare the car and went directly to the villa. Seeing that William was so angry, Juliet followed him for fear that he would do something to Colin.

When they arrived, the bodyguards wanted to inform Colin of the arrival of William, but he were stopped by the look in William's eyes. William looked back coldly and walked directly into the hall with his walking stick.

However, what he saw in the hall made him angry again. He saw that Lily was watching the variety show lying on Colin's lap, not noticing him coming in at all.

"Lily and Colin, how dare you guys! Do you remember who you are? " When they heard the cruel voice from behind, Lily was frightened and run out of Colin's arms. However, Colin brought her into her arms.

"Colin, let me go." Lily murmured and tried to snap his fingers with her brows frowned. He was so audacious in front of William and Juliet

Instead of letting her go, Colin lowered his head and kissed her on the head, looking up at William with a smile, demonstrating to him.

Lily raised her head to look at him carefully. She found that at this time, Colin was no different from a stubborn child. She was slightly stunned. It turned out that her second elder brother had also resisted their parents' orders one day for her.

"Colin!" Juliet quickly called his name. Obviously, Colin just wanted to piss his father off.

"I like Lily." Colin said. He would definitely put the girl in a more disadvantageous position if he didn't admit it.

Hearing that, Lily was shocked. Was her second brother crazy? She can't imagine Colin would confess it.

"Last time, It was I who framed Brian and Lily. She didn't have sex with him." Colin said.

"Why did you do that?" Hearing what he said, William was furious.

Colin looked at him with great interest. He smiled and said "I want to see your reaction." His tone was extremely relaxed and natural, like saying something unrelated to him.

He said so because he wanted to protect the reputation of Lily.

"You two!" William laughed, "No wonder Lily seldom comes home. You said that you invited her here because it is very close to her school. Now I understand the reason why you did that."

Lily blinked her eyes in disbelief. She couldn't believe that Colin had interest in her at that time? She knew it in her mind.

"You are right." Colin acknowledged it.

"Is the baby inside Lily's belly yours not Hobson's?" William asked coldly.


Juliet looked at Colin in disbelief. She never thought that Colin would do this

It was the first time that Colin dared to contradict her father like this. He was already tired of being a good boy for more than 20 years.

"Bastard!" William lifted his crutch and was about to hit him again.

"Stop please!" Lily hurried to stand in front of him. She bit her lips and looked at him fiercely. "I also have responsibility for this matter. I can change my family name from now on, so that I won't lose your face. Are you satisfied?"

William's walking stick stopped in

r hair. It was rare to see his eyes full of gentleness. He held the woman in his arms tightly as she was always his little kitten.

The next day, Kate slowly opened her eyes and remembered that last night, William called her and she persuaded him to accept Lily and Colin What the hell

Kate rubbed her aching head and sat up from the bed slowly. She looked around the bedroom, but didn't see Brian. She leaned on the bed again and closed her eyes for a while before getting up to brush her teeth and wash her face.

Why did dad William ask her about these things last night? Could it be that he had gone to Colin's villa and she was staring at herself in the mirror with a towel.

Recently, bad things happened one after another. It was as if it had happened yesterday. She didn't know how was Zoey now. In fact, she didn't wish Zoey to live well, but she felt pity for her.

It was all over. Kate took a deep breath and buried her face into the washbasin, letting the cold water clear up her mind.

Without waiting in the water for a few seconds, Kate's collar was grabbed from behind, and then her face left the washbasin. He took her into his arms.

She didn't have to look up, because she knew that man from a familiar feeling was Brian.

"Why did you have to drown to wash your face." Said Brian with a low voice, full of worry.

With a smile on her face, Kate turned around and wrapped her arms around his waist. She then buried her head into his chest and said, "please don't worry, my dear. I have a strong body and spirit. I will be fine."

She could feel his concern for her. Kate felt that she was a lucky girl. She had grown up without a father. Although the departure of dad William had been a great blow to her and her mom, she had always been protected by other people.

Mother's care, friend's care and love.

"What?" Brian snorted from his nose to show his distrust.

Kate obediently rubbed her nose against his chest and said with her soft voice, "I just think of Lily and Colin, and a lot of things..."

"Don't think too much." Hearing that, Brian raised his hand and rubbed her hair.


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