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   Chapter 262 Being Taken Photos

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After playing, Lily and Colin came back to the villa. They were both pretty. What's more, Colin always appeared in front of the media, so they were very familiar with each other.

Only when they got back to the villa could Michelle be free.

"Can you carry me home?" As soon as they entered the door, Lily pulled the hem of Colin's clothes and looked up at him pitifully.

Colin squatted obediently. Lily put her arms around his neck. He walked home step by step with her on his back. It was like a scene many years ago. He often carried her home.

Before six years old, Colin was surrounded by cunning adults. After six years old, a little baby appeared in his world. At the beginning, he took care of her just to pretend to be a good brother.

But then, he fell in love with her step by step. When the whole world cried at him, she was the only one who smiled at him.

There were always quarrels between William and Juliet, and their topics were about Brian and Jean. Sometimes, William would vent his anger on Colin, and he would see real disgust in his eyes.

Yes, if it weren't for him, William would divorce with Juliet, Jean wouldn't die and Brian wouldn't fall out with William. All the tragedies happened because of him.

At that time, he was thinking that he wanted to have the whole world as a gift to the little girl who always followed him behind.

Time flew like an arrow and they seemed to grow up in an instant.

"Lily, you are much fatter." Colin quipped with a smile.

"No, it must be your illusion." Lily retorted.

Colin looked back at her seriously, "really. If you get a little fatter, I won't be able to carry you anymore."

Lily also thought about it carefully and grinned. "Then let me carry brother, okay?" The little girl thought for a while and added, "anyway, my second elder brother will get old faster than me. So you have to take good care of me now, and I will take care of you in the future."

"……" Colin laughed. This girl thought too far. He calmly replied, "I don't want to die because of someone's recklessness."

"I'm not reckless. Kate said that I'm good at taking care of people." Lily raised her head proudly.

Colin smiled.

He just wanted to take over the Li group. As long as Brian didn't stop him, he wouldn't do anything to Brian, nor to do anything to Kate. Colin sighed quietly. He was kinder after pretending to be kind.

Colin directly took Lily back to the bedroom.

The curtain of the bedroom fluttered. On the tall building closest to the villa, a camera was placed on the top of the building. The camera directly pointed to the window, taking the scene in the room.

Seeing this scene, although Zoey had been mentally prepared yesterday, she could not help but feel jealous. How could Colin fake marriage with her for the sake of Lily?

Lily's tears of mermaid were sent by Colin, not by Hobson.

It must have been Colin who had left those marks on Lily. As Colin spoiled her too much, this kind of feelings made Zoey jealous. She naively took all this as the brother and sister relationship, and the closer

n the table were almost eaten up by the two of them at last. At last, Lily patted her round belly and said, "pay attention to it later. If you have any questions, you can ask me."

Colin was amused by her mature look. He nodded with a smile and said, " I'd better hire a chef to cook later."

Lily was very familiar with Colin. If they were not brother and sister, they must be a pair of childhood playmates. Lily knew Colin since she was born. Wasn't that not enough

The two chatted and laughed happily during the dinner. When Michelle pulled Colin to enjoy the sunset, the trees in the yard were coated with a layer of faint orange, and the gentle light was getting dimmer and dimmer.

Colin raised his head and couldn't see the sun at all. He was eager to know what the sunset exactly was that Lily brought him here. Lily didn't mind but happily took his hand. She took a few steps happily, but her little face changed slightly. She stopped and followed behind Colin quietly like a little wife.

Seeing her embarrassed expression, Colin certainly knew what happened to her. Yes, she was tired last night. He couldn't help smiling. His little girl was still too naive.

"What are you laughing at! Don't laugh! " Annoyed, Lily managed to cover Colin's mouth with her tiptoe. But the sun only made them look like a happy couple.

Colin moved her hand away and asked, "aren't you tired standing on tiptoe for so long?"

These words hit Lily's sore spot. She was short! It must because his mother gave birth to him so much nutrition, so he was so tall, while she was so short!

"This is personal attack!" Lily ground her teeth in fury and stepped on his fluffy slippers. Their shoes were of the shape of fox or rabbit.

"……" Colin was in silence. It seemed that this girl's action was intended to attack him with physical strength?

At the end of the quarrel, Colin took her back to the villa. Lying in his arms, Lily was watching TV. They hadn't played so happily for a long time. When they looked at each other, they couldn't help laughing out.

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