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   Chapter 261 Brother's Confession

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10193

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Hearing Zoey's question, the man laughed as if he had heard a funny joke. "What do you think?"

Zoey dared not answer.

"The reason why I save you is that I want you to do something for me." The man said lightly.

"What is it?" Wide eyed, Zoey looked at him in confusion.

"I want you to take the intimate photos of Lily and Colin and post them online. I've prepared the house and money for you." The man said in a slow and elegant voice.

Zoey was shocked. Did he know about the relationship between Lily and Colin? Then why did he ask her to do it instead of doing that himself?

"If you don't, I have to send you in front of master Colin." The man smiled again.

Hearing that, Zoey became alarmed. She hastily agreed. Now she had no other choice.

The man looked at Zoey with his narrow Phoenix eyes. "Miss Ding, as far as I know, scheming is your strong point. You have to complete this matter before the general meeting."

He knew who she was.

Who the hell was this man? "Who are you?" Zoey asked in a cold voice

"It doesn't matter who I am. I only know that your family was purchased by G...". Besides, I know that the one who spent the night with you was Vivek, one of Colin's men. And meanwhile, Colin announced that he and you had divorced. " Noticing Zoey's complex expression, the man smiled and said, "Miss Ding, I hope you can do something for yourself."

Then, the car stopped.

"Get off the car. Good luck," The man opened the car door.

Zoey recovered from the man's words and got off the car dully. The cold wind made her more sober, and the man's words echoed in her ears.

Was what he said true? Colin did it on purpose.

Well, he pretended well. She still wanted to come back and rely on him. She didn't expect him to treat her like this He lied to her so hard Zoey held the bank card that the man gave her tightly.

She swore to take her revenge and expose the evil deeds of Lily and Colin Li to the public. She wanted to make the people all over the world look down on them!

She walked into the villa step by step with a heavy heart, and she swore to revenge for everything!

"Martin, I heard that you had let go of the woman I wanted." Colin coldly raised his eyebrows.

Martin was leisurely driving with one hand holding his cellphone. He smiled and said, "I just feel pity for that girl."

"Go to hell!" Colin's tone was full of anger.

"Colin, I took your and William's gene test result yesterday. The result is very interesting. Do you want to know the result?" Martin said with a big smile on his face.

Colin was shocked. Only Juliet and Mike knew about it. How could this man know?

"What do you want?" Colin held the phone and asked in a low voice.

"Nothing. Just have some fun." Martin said in a frivolous tone, as if he was just kidding with Colin.

After saying that, he hung up the phone in a leisure manner. All of a sudden, he sped up the car. The car ran without stopping all the way.

What did he want? He wanted to see the Li family in trouble again and again

Colin put her small hand to his lips and smiled indulgently, "do I need a reason to take you out?"

Lily's face turned red and her heart started beating fast by his move. She wanted to withdraw her hand, but Colin held it tightly. She was not strong enough, so she had to stare at him as a warning. In front of an outsider, they were brother and sister.

After a long time, Colin released her hand and gave her a kiss on the forehead, light as a feather.

At the same time, Lily felt a chill coming from the ring finger. She looked at the ring finger and found a diamond ring. The center of the ring finger was a heart-shaped pink diamond, but there was a blue heart-shaped diamond inside it. It was small and elegant, with the whole body and skin.

Lily couldn't help but look at the ring on his ring finger. There was a ring almost the same size with hers, but the one at the end of the ring was a blue diamond, and the one inside was a pink diamond.

You are in me, I am in you.

She knew what it meant as she had seen it before.

But the ring on her ring finger meant that she was engaged to Noah or married to him They can't be lovers How could she get married

"Lily, I love you." Colin whispered beside her ear, "I only want to live for you."

Lily fell into a daze, her heart filled with sweet happiness. Her second elder brother really loved her. They were floating in the air far away from the ground, and Lily boldly hugged him.

They fell into silence over the hundreds of meters above the ground.

Lily wanted to tell him that she also loved him, but she didn't dare to. Because they were brother and sister, even if they loved each other, she could not recognize their feelings.

"Lily, I don't need you say love me now. I just want you to promise me that you will always be with me, will you?" Colin understood her worries. He prayed to her. He was afraid of the future.

Lily nodded. "I will always be with my second elder brother!"

"Good girl." Hearing that, Colin felt much more relieved.

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