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   Chapter 260 Zoey Came Back

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Kate didn't know how to answer Caro. It doesn't matter she say a little thing. Maybe nobody would believe her. But she was the first one to admit that. Would Brian be unhappy?

"I'll take your silence as acquiescence." Said Lea with a smile.

With a big smile on her face, Kate lowered her head, packed up her stuff and said: "whatever you think."

They hadn't finished their talk yet, and then Jacob came to the Secretary's office and called Kate, "Miss Lesbian, the CEO called you over."

Kate wanted to kick Jacob's ass every time she heard the name of Miss Lesbian. Caro and Lea smiled at each other, as if they were saying, there was something ambiguous between Kate and CEO

Kate felt helpless, and she slowly walked into the CEO's office under the gaze of everyone's ambiguous eyes.

Seeing Kate come in, Brian just raised his head and said: "please make a cup of coffee for me."

In the company, he was the leader. At home, he A head too. Kate made him a cup of coffee and put it on his table. She didn't dare to disturb him.

Brian took the coffee she made and took a sip, then he said, "the restaurant in southern city, is the same as before."

"Mr. CEO, do you want me to buy food?" With her mouth twitching, Kate looked at the direction of Brian.

"Yeah. just take it as have a walk." Brian smiled.

"How could they think she has an ambiguous relationship with CEO !"! He had to be scrupulous in separating work from private things!

"Please wait for a moment. I'll be back soon." Each word was so clearly uttered that Brian didn't seem to hear it and continued drinking his coffee.

Kate glared at him for a while and then angrily walked out of the CEO's office, and slammed the door.

Putting down the coffee and leafing through the documents, Brian couldn't help teasing the little kitten at work. Now Kate's body was almost recovered. Maybe it would be better if she could get busy.

At the airport, a plain looking woman came out of the security checkpoint, dragging her luggage. She looked up at the blue sky of Z City, and couldn't help smiling. She finally came back.

In order to come back, she had changed her beautiful face with a professional plastic surgeon.

But as long as she could come back and be with Colin, the face didn't matter to her.

Zoey went back to her home first. The home was still the same as before. She was a little surprised. According to Brian's character, she thought that he would destroy her home, but considering that her grandfather had saved their lives, and that she was Colin's wife, Brian would save some face for them.

She hesitated for a moment and did not go in as she did not want to get her parents into trouble.

After thinking for a while, Zoey called another taxi to Li group.

Nothing had changed in Li group. She stood in front of the elevator, waiting for it. When the elevator door opened, she saw Kate walking out of the door with another girl, talking and laughing.

They brushed against Zoey and Zoey's fists were tightly clenched. It was her who made Kate lose her child, and it was also because of Kate that she fled for so many days without peace.

Now she even dared not use her true face to meet people.


take that elevator, and since it was in the 95th floor, it was impossible to escape from the staircase, and only the elevator for ordinary staff could use.

Having made up her mind, Zoey picked up the baton brought by the security guard and walked towards the elevator carefully. When the guard saw her, she knocked on his head quickly, turned around and entered the elevator. She pressed the button hard.

The security guard realized that the woman might be the person master Colin was looking for, so he immediately pressed the security bell in the center.

Standing in the elevator, Zoey felt extremely anxious and scared.

The elevator reached the first floor soon. Zoey kept running. She would be fine as long as she escaped from Li group. She had done so much. She should be able to escape.

Unexpectedly, she was caught by the security as soon as the elevator door opened.

Zoey was shocked. She struggled desperately, but how could a woman's strength compare with that of a security guard? Just when she was completely desperate, she suddenly heard a voice. "Give her to me."

Hearing that, the security guard stopped. Zoey turned her head in confusion and saw an ordinary looking young man.

The young man walked towards the security guard and said with a smile, "I will take her to master master Colin."

The security guards looked at each other, speechless. Finally, he made a decision. The young man smiled, but next second he punched the security guard who had imprisoned Zoey down. Before the security guard could react, he had already taken Zoey away.

"Thank you." Terrified, Zoey stared at the man in the driver's seat and expressed her gratitude.

"You're welcome." The young man answered indifferently.

Zoey no longer spoke. She didn't know where the young man was going to take her, because she had no place to go. It was impossible for her to go back to the Li family mansion. If she go to her grandfather, who would not forgive her if he knew that she had done such terrible things.

But when she thought of what the man had just said, she couldn't help but ask in panic: "are you going to bring me to Colin?"

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