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   Chapter 259 A Dubious Relationship With CEO

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Kate scanned the animals and picked up an expressionless wolf, "this one."

Lily felt contented all of a sudden. In Kate's eyes, the valiant and brave elder brother had become a wolf. It was not a bad thing to be a hedgehog.

"I think second brother is as cunning as a fox. I heard a lot of people say that he is a smiling fox." Lily said as she picked up a fox.

Fox always had an innocent and gentle face, hiding in the dark. When you relaxed your vigilance, he suddenly bit you. Lily thought that a fox was very suitable for Colin. His gentle appearance was unpredictable.

Kate looked at the four small animals in their hands and suddenly felt a little happy. As long as they could live together and love each other, she would be happy.

It was getting late when they got back to the car with stuff.

When they got back to the villa, Mary walked up to them first. She took the bags from Kate's hands and asked worriedly, "are you all right? Didn't William and Juliet find you?"

Mary had lived in the villa for a long time, so she knew that Lily had an engagement with Hobson. Besides, she also knew that Lily didn't like Hobson.

"They canceled the engagement." Said Kate with a big smile on her face.

Lily was deeply touched by Mary's concern. "Thank you, aunt Luo," she said

"You're welcome. We are a family now." Mary said with a smile.

After a short pause, Lily nodded smilingly.

Seeing the harmonious atmosphere, Kate took out a souvenir from her bag and gave it to her mother, "Mom, this is for you."

"How much did it cost? Is it expensive?" Obviously, Mary was happy, but she still asked Kate with a cold face.

Kate giggled and said, "don't worry. These are bought with Brian's money. They are rich."

"……" Lily considered if she should persuade her brother to divorce Kate. What a typical wastrel girl!

"……" Mary praised Kate. She is indeed her daughter. Spend money on someone else. Someone has forgotten who called them family.

Kate and Lily bought the animals and put them in groove at the corner of the stairs so that they could see their images when they went downstairs every day.

At the thought of the looks on Colin's and Brian's faces when they saw those animals, Lily and Kate couldn't help snickering.

When they got back to the villa, William and Juliet didn't come to the mansion, as if nothing had happened between them. In fact, Kate and Lily didn't doubt about it, but they didn't think about it and still kept leading their comfortable and happy life.

Sometimes, Brian just came back home late at night and went out even before Kate got up the next day. Kate wanted to go back to work when she saw that Brian was so busy. But Brian didn't allow it. Taking the reason that she hadn't fully recovered, he asked her to stay at home and rest for a while.

Kate was helpless about this.

A few days later, Kate raised her request by both hard and soft tactics: "Hey, Brian, I also have to go to work!"

She was only 22 years old, and she didn't want to be a housewife so early. Now that her baby was gone and she had rested for so many days, s

mile. While she was thinking about how to explain to them that she had been missing for so long, Caro asked with concern, "are you feeling better now?"

feeling better?

"Lora said that you were seriously ill, so you asked for a leave and didn't come to work." Lea explained.

"Oh, I'm almost all right. Thank you for your concern." Kate took a glance at Lora, who seldom did something right.

Except Lora, no new employee was recruited in the secretary room. She was Jacob's assistant, and Caro and Lea were Brian's secretaries. Kate went back to her seat and faced the computer and data on the table, she suddenly had a strange feeling.

It took more than half a day for Kate to have the feeling of work. She went through every document carefully and no document which came up to the ninety fifth floor was unimportant.

The reason why Brian agreed Lora to stay in the Secretary office was not only because of Jacob, but also Lora was good at her job, but they wanted to enjoy themselves when they were just an insignificant clerk.

When it was time for rest at noon, Caro got a glass of water for Kate and said with a smile, "you just recovered. Don't work so hard."

Kate stopped her work at hand, nodded and said with a smile, "thank you, Caro."

After working here for a long time, and Kate felt it was like a home. Back then, it's normal Brian suspected that she had stolen the confidential data of the company, because all the people in the secretary room had been staying in the company for a long time and were loyal to the Li group.

"When you were away, our CEO was not in the company. The company affairs were handled by our vice president." Leaning against Kate's desk, Caro looked back at her and smiled, "Kate, are you in a relationship with the CEO? At that time, although Mr. CEO asked you to leave the company, everyone saw that he took you away. "

Kate was stunned for a while. That time.. Caro referred to the case that Brian suspected her that she have stolen the confidential information of the Li group and had an affair with the Chen group.

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