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   Chapter 257 The Fireworks At The Seaside

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They went back to the VIP room when they received the call from Hobson.

It was nine o'clock in the evening when they packed their stuff. Kate and Lily ran quickly to the place where they agreed to meet with Hobson. They walked barefoot on the long beach, and the tingle from their feet made people feel very comfortable.

In all kinds of lights, the silver white beach was reflected into various colors. In the distance, the wave reflected lights came one after another. In the distance, there were a few fishing boats, and the light was so colorful that Kate paused for a few seconds.

It was a picturesque scene.

Being hugged by the sea and the sky, she looked more tender. And there were very few people on the beach. The hot spring here was very famous in autumn. But the price of hot spring here was also so expensive that ordinary people had to figure out their cost of the hot spring.

Before she came here with Sherry, they had saved two months' money. At last, they could get enough money to enjoy the hot spring here. Z city was facing the sea, but the beach was clean and expensive.

"Lily, senior, this way!" When they just walked behind a stone, the voice of Hobson came from the distance.

Lily held Kate's hand and walked over. She looked around and found that the ' U 'facing the sea. There were three sides of high stones, one facing the sea, and the other side facing the sea. The light couldn't be found here, which showed a strong black mist.

Kate felt like a third wheel. Hobson didn't want to see her, and Lily had to drag her here. It was very difficult for Kate

Several times' signals didn't work. Seeing that, Hobson pulled Kate aside and said, "Senior, I want to talk to Lily alone, so..."

Hobson scratched his head awkwardly.

"……" Kate nodded and said: "no problem. I want to take a walk by the sea." She had been waiting for Hobson's words.

Then, Kate turned around and left.

The sea breeze blew over her short hair and made her loose long sleeve coat a little plump. Kate looked back at the place where Lily and Hobson were. The firework was lit up there. She smiled and believed that Lily had known how to deal with it.

She sat on the reef alone, looking at the other side of the sea.

'baby, you are still waiting for Mommy, aren't you?'. Don't worry, I will help you come to this world as soon as possible.

At the same time, Lily and Hobson lit up their fireworks.

Staying alone with Hobson, Lily looked around nervously and muttered to herself, 'damn Kate! Where is she at the key moment?'. God knew how much she didn't want to get along with Hobson. He knew everything about her and Colin.

"Lily, do you love him?" Hobson put the little fairy in her hand. The light of the fireball shone on her face. Lily was a very c

o his arms.

Kate blushed and thought that he was too frank. If he didn't mind, she would be embarrassed

"Fortunately, it's not far away from here, or you'll have to take a plane to come here." Kate pushed him away a little bit and looked up at him with a bright smile.

Brian pinched her cheek. "I won't let you go too far."

How arrogant he is! 'Kate thought to herself.

It was a double room, with only two beds. "It's a double room for me and Lily. Where do you want to sleep?" Kate said Could it be possible that he wanted Lily to watch them sleep?

It was very weird. Kate shook off the picture from her mind.

"Let her sleep alone." Brian said certainly.

Kate was speechless. It was difficult for her to understand why Lily like Brian. He didn't care about her feelings at all

Paying no attention to Kate's angry face, Brian chuckled and took her hand to take a walk on the beach. She hooked her ankle with her shoe and followed him slowly.

After walking for a while, he saw Kate was a little tired. So Brian squatted down and said: "come here."

Without hesitation, Kate lied on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck, just like a queen.

"If I had known you would come tonight, I wouldn't have come here today. You're so verbose, Brian." Said Kate, smiling and bending over on Brian's back.

"I don't want to see you cause new trouble when I'm away." Brian chuckled. His voice was so warm in the sea breeze.

"I have always been obedient, OK?" As soon as she finished her words, she remembered that he gave her another name. Then, she retorted: "I'm not a fool. My name is Kate."

"Kate." Brian called her name with a smile. Kate nodded with satisfaction, and added: "you are a fool."

"Brian!" She was so angry that she reached out and pinched his ear.

The long beach dotted with joyful laughters and happiness.

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