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   Chapter 256 An Encounter With Hobson

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Lily dragged Kate to the most magnificent and luxurious hotel in the local area. Standing in front of the hotel door, Kate looked up at the over 20 floor luxury hotel and pulled Lily's sleeve. "Let's live somewhere else. It feels expensive here."

She was already Brian's people, so she surely had to lend money from Brian.

"This hotel belongs to our family," Lily rolled her eyes at Kate as if she was looking at an idiot.

Our family Kate was shocked by her words. Li group engaged in many industries, including hotel, real estate and hotel. Of course, it was also focused on real estate. It was said that half of the Z city belonged to Li group

However, when she heard from Lily that the hotel was theirs, Kate was still shocked. All she knew was figures. It was only when the real thing suddenly appeared in front of them that she had a better view of the CEO's great image.

After the shock, Lily dragged her in decisively. They walked into the hotel, talking and laughing.



As their eyes met, both of them were shocked and stood still.

Kate was speechless. God, you did it on purpose! It was such a coincidence that Lily was going back to the engagement party!

"Why are you here? With your parents? " At the same time, Lily looked around to see where Hobson's parents were. She wanted to escape.

"I sneaked out," Hobson said with a wry smile

After a short pause, Lily blurted out, "the same as me!"

But Hobson didn't show any astonishment. He knew that Lily could also escape, but he didn't expect that they all escaped to the same place. Could this be counted as a God's will.

Lily felt awkward facing Hobson. Hobson had knew the relationship between Lily and Colin and he said that he had given up.

"Will you attend the engagement party tomorrow?" Lily asked in confusion.

Standing next to them, Kate wanted to knock Lily on her head. Hobson said that he went out secretly and he would definitely not go to the engagement party tomorrow.

"If you want to go back, I will go back, too." Said Hobson, smiling.

Although Hobson said he had let her go, he didn't stop. He kept giving Lily chances to get back with him as long as she wanted.

"You'd better stay here." Lily said immediately. She was really afraid that Hobson would force her to leave with him.

Upon hearing that, Hobson's face darkened.

"Since we meet each other, how about going to have fun together later?" Hobson said, "I want to buy some fireworks to celebrate.. the no leading actor's engagement party tomorrow. "

Not to mention about Kate, even Lily could tell the unwillingness in Hobson's tone.

"I'm sorry, Hobson." Lily apologized. No matter what, she had let him down.

Hobson shook his head. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Lily's hair, "No need to say sorry. It's all my own willing."

He felt more sorry for Lily.

"Okay, let's go upstairs to put something and then go to the bathroom. I'll go to see you after I finis

should go back?" Lily asked after a moment's hesitation.

"Lily, the only reason you are trying to escape is to get away from the engagement party. You have to get away from it as soon as possible." Kate answered without a second thought. Then she thought her answer was too absolute, so she added: "if you really want to go back, you can go back. In fact, Hobson has always given you chances."

The other side was silent.

Kate hadn't lived in the same environment as Lily's, and she hadn't thought about what she would do if she was in that kind of environment. However, if she had decided to do something, there was no turning back for her. Even if it was a mistake, she would always take it to the end.

After a long while, there came a tough voice from Lily. "Kate, I won't go back."

"I really like second brother, not because I like him as a sister, but because I like him as a girl,"

Kate smiled and thought that Lily finally understood her true feelings, and she thought that it was a good thing. Everyone would be free to fall in love with each other, because the love between brother and sister was a taboo. And it needed courage to love each other.

"Okay, I'm going upstairs." Kate didn't like to stay in the water for so long, so she went ashore and wore a bathrobe.

After Kate went ashore, Lily followed her. They put on their bathrobes but didn't leave at once. They sat beside the hot spring and put their feet into the water. The huge hot spring turned to their basin to wash their feet.

"You can come here more often from now on. We have a lot of time in the future anyway." Lily's legs were swinging and water splashed.

Kate looked at the clear spring water and nodded, "yes." She also liked this place, as if the world had fallen into silence, and the temperature of the spring water was moderate and very comfortable to soak.

She wanted to say thanks to Lily, but considering they were a family, she thought it would make sense without saying thanks.

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