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   Chapter 255 To The Seaside

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They had waited in the hall for a long time, but Brian one came back. At the urging of Mary, Kate had to go back to her bedroom. She called him and told him that she would go traveling with Lily tomorrow, in order to escape from the engagement banquet.

The driver was arranged by Brian and he hoped they could have a good time.

Kate was about to fall asleep when a sudden sound of footsteps came from the room. She opened her dim eyes and saw nothing but darkness. He didn't turn on the light.

After he walked out of the bathroom with light steps, Kate felt that she was going to fall asleep again. Was it so difficult for her to see him before she left.

Brian uncovered the quilt and lay beside Kate. He stretched out his hands and gently embraced her. Kate had wanted to call him, but she could not help frowning when she sensed the smell of alcohol from him.

Did he go out for a business dinner?

She tried to say something but stopped. She didn't want to disturb his rest. When Brian's breath gradually stabilized, Kate dared to look up at him. The bright moonlight poured in from the window, plated a layer of noble gold on his handsome face.

For a moment, it was hard for Kate to tell if Brian beauty the moonlight or maybe the moonlight beauty Brian.

There was a kind of man who looked more handsome. The longer time she spent with him, the more attracted she was to him. In Kate's eyes, Brian was this kind of man.

"Brian." After staring at him for a long time, Kate couldn't help calling his name in a low voice. When she saw the faint smile on the corner of Brian's lips, she couldn't help but chuckle and rest in his arms, closing her eyes and sleeping.

'some day, I will have a baby with Brian. I will go to catch fireflies with the baby in summer. I will fight snowmen with my baby in winter. Everything will come true one day.'.

But when Kate thought of Brian's arm that had not yet recovered, her heart tightened. What should she do to get Brian's arm back to its original condition.

Kate fell asleep. Outside the window, she saw the clear sky.

Kate didn't wake up until the noon of the next day. Brian had already dressed up, but he didn't leave. Instead, he sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for her to wake up. When Kate saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, she was very excited and happy.

Unfortunately, her joyful mood did not last for three seconds. She heard the disgusting voice from Brian. "The cat was drooling."

As a proud woman, Kate quickly raised her hand to wipe her mouth. When she put her hand to her mouth, she discovered that she was fooled by Brian. She didn't drool! Kate snorted, reached out and pinched Brian's ear, shouting, "you are drooling! Your whole family is drooling over you. "

"……" Brian said nothing but smiled.

After a series of treatment, Kate correct her at once. "Except me."

Brian nodded deeply. "Except me."

"……" Kate lowered her head weakly and started bickering. It seemed that she could hardly take advantage of Brian. Why? Kate was still in deep thought. When she was still struggling with

Lily's biological father. How could Colin do something to hurt him?

If Colin was a vicious man, he was the one who helped her when she fell. He had always been humble and courteous to her. Sometimes he would bring the midnight snack to Lily and bring another for her.

Alas Human heart was complicated

They just went to the beach in Z City, which was not far away. A few hours later, they reached their destination. Lily opened the door, jumped out of the car, opened her arms, and breathed the autumn breeze.

"Kate, come down! How beautiful the sea is!" Lily called out from outside.

Kate slowly got out of the car. She really didn't understand why Lily had chosen to look at the sea in autumn. But when she saw the turbulent waves, she was also shocked. She couldn't help but think of the scene that she saw at the top of the mountain on Brian's proposal day. That was where they had seen the sea.

At the end of the deep blue sea and the blue sky, there was an obvious white light. The world seemed to be divided into two parts by the white light. One was the sky and the other was the ground.

Seeing such a vast world, Kate felt her heart empty and empty, as if all her troubles were gone. When she was a university student, an old professor told her that the person who could cure people's mind the most is not a psychologist, but nature.

"Is it beautiful?" Lily jumped to her and looked at her with a smile.

Kate didn't want to admit. She pretended to frown and said, "are you going to take a shower there now?"

"Of course I want. Don't you know? There are some natural hot springs around the beach of our Z city. I've heard that the hot spring water contained a lot of vitamins, which are very helpful for people's health. " After a short pause, Lily looked at Kate with a mature look on her face, "do you understand? After a shower, you are ten years younger."

"……" Kate was anxious for the Chinese teacher of Lily.

"Let's go!" Lily carried a small bag on her back and dragged Kate away. The rest of the luggage was carried by Adam.

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