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   Chapter 253 Eloped With Second Brother

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After a while, no response was heard. Confused, Juliet looked in the direction of Colin. When she saw Colin's knitted brows, she thought that Colin was feeling sorry for Lily. So she comforted, "Colin, I know you care about Lily since she was a child. But now she has grown up. She should be responsible for what she does."

After a pause, she continued, "the Lee family is good enough for us. I will not let Lily suffer any loss."

Colin remained silent. He knew even what he said was reasonable, Juliet and William would never give up the thought of marring the Lee family. In their eyes, he was a good boy. For this reason, they thought he would agree to whatever they wanted to do.

Sometimes, Colin was the envy of Brian. Brian was free and unrestrained.

It was a small village attached to Z city.

After cleaning up the room, Zoey sat on the bed and stared at her phone in a daze. She had tried to call Colin these days, but he never called her. Was he very busy?

And because she had changed her cell phone, only Colin's phone number was saved in her cell phone. She didn't know about her family's situation. If she left, would Brian take revenge on her family?

She wanted to go back to Z City and see him.

When the door was pushed open, Zoey suddenly came to her senses. She raised her head and saw it was Vivek, a subordinate of Colin. Seeing him, she frowned. He had been taking care of her these days, but this man always made her uncomfortable.

Whether she liked it or not, Zoey asked politely. "Can you help me get in touch with Colin?"

Taking a cold glance at her, Vivek sneered in his heart, 'what a stupid woman! You have already been abandoned without knowing it.'.

"I'm sorry, Miss Ding. Second Master has been busy lately. The only thing you need to do is to stay here, otherwise we can't help you if Eldest Master's men find out where we are. " "I came here to say goodbye," Vivek said, bowing neither humble nor pushy

Zoey was stunned. "You want to go back to Z City?"

Vivek nodded. In order to settle Zoey down, he had to help her adapt to the life here.

"Take me. I want to go back, too." At the same time, Zoey came to Vivek and took his hand.

Frowning slightly, Vivek pushed away Zoey's hand and said, "miss. Ding, when the disturbance is settled, I'm sure master Colin will take you back. I hope you won't cause trouble to him these days."

Then Vivek turned around and left.

When vivek completely disappeared from her sight, Zoey could not keep calm. She wondered when the storm would be over She regretted. If she hadn't pushed Kate down the stairs, she wouldn't have to hide from them now.

However, there was no regret medicine in the world. Zoey only hoped that Brian could let her go for the sake of Colin. However, she killed the child of Brian, so he would never forgive her.

Maybe the storm would not pass in her lifetime. Would she live such a life of hiding and dodging all her life? No, she didn't want to do this. She wanted to go back to Z Cit

that it was the little princess and quickly let her in.

However, after she searched all over the villa of Colin, she didn't find the figure of Colin. She went back to Colin's bedroom, jumped into his bed and covered herself with the quilt, then called Colin.

"Brother, where are you? What are you doing?" He put the question straight with a touch of coquetry.

"What's up?" Instead of answering her question, Colin asked.

As he ignored her question intentionally, Lily replied angrily, "I can't call you if there is nothing?"

Colin chuckled, "Would you call me if there is nothing? Lily, I am so touched. "

"……" Lily remained silent It seemed that she really didn't call Colin if there is nothing important. It was Colin who called her.

She chuckled awkwardly, "why do I call you when I have nothing to do?" She was a little guilty. She had something to talk to him. Was she too mean.

Without hearing Colin's answer, Lily wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, she had to bite the bullet and said, "I don't want to be engaged to Hobson. Let's elope, okay?"

"……" Colin was in a daze for a moment, and then his lips curved again. He stood up from the desk and slowly walked to the window. The business partner in front of him looked at him in surprise.

They heard that Colin couldn't deal with private affairs at work, but he was sure that the person who called had nothing to do with the work.

"Hey, do you agree or not? If you agree, I will plan the route." Since Colin didn't answer her question, Lily couldn't help asking.

"OK. If you are bored, you can think about the honeymoon route first." Colin quipped with a smile.

The honeymoon route Lily was confused. What did Colin mean?

"If you don't have anything else to talk to me, I'll hang up now. I still have some work to do." Said Colin softly.

"Okay." Frightened, Lily hung up the phone at last.

After that, the phone was hung up. Colin's mood lifted a lot because of Lily's words. 'elope?' He was a little tempted.

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