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   Chapter 251 Kate Was Discharged From Hospital

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9781

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After regaining her consciousness, Kate didn't want to stay in the hospital anymore and she also wanted to go home after staying for a few days.

"Mr. CEO, I want to go home." Kate was in Brian's arms, looking at him with a pair of innocent eyes.

Seeing the frown on Brian's face, Kate continued, "I'm really fine. I don't want to stay here." She jumped off the bed and walked around in front of Brian.

After hesitating for a while, Brian pulled her back into his arms, stretched out two fingers and placed them in front of Kate and asked: "what's this?"

"……" Kate was speechless. She was just delirious, not completely stupid. What did he mean!

"don't know? It seems that you are not fully recovered. " Hearing that, Brian lowered his eyes to look at her with a good smile at the corners of his tight lips.

Kate raised her angry fist and lightly punched his solid chest. Brian held her little hand, while her little mouth was slightly pouted because of her discontent. At the same time, his heart was rotating. He couldn't help but look down and kiss on the bright red.

Finally, under Kate's insistence, Brian compromised and agreed.

When they were packing up, Mary and Lily pushed in at the same time. Seeing that Kate had packed her luggage, Mary was stunned and couldn't help saying, "your body has just recovered. Why don't you stay in the hospital for a few more days? What if something wrong after you go back home later?"

Kate smiled and said perfunctorily, "I have recovered completely. If I am not ill in the hospital, I will feel suffocated. Don't you think so, Lily?" Then, Kate turned to look at Lily, who was sitting quietly and playing with her phone.

Lily didn't hear what Kate said. When she heard Kate call her name, she nodded to her.

"What are you looking at?" Seeing that Lily was staring at the phone, Kate asked curiously. While she was speaking, she had already approached Lily.

"Lily, let's cancel our engagement. I'll let you go," said Hobson.

It was a message from Hobson. He wanted to cancel the engagement, but he finally took Kate's advice. Kate was inexplicably guilty that Hobson would give up on Lily.

"Hobson's going to cancel the engagement party." Lily put her phone back and sighed.

"Isn't this what you want?" Kate sat opposite her and asked with a smile.

Mary was still checking if anything was left in the ward for Kate. And Brian was going to go through the discharge formalities for her. Kate's and Lily's voice was so low that only they could hear.

"Yes. I feel sorry for him. He's been tortured by me for so long, but still got nothing. Love is so cruel." Michelle sighed deeply. "Why do some people only gain nothing at the end after they have done everything? While some people get the hard won love just by doing nothing?"

Kate reached out her hand to feel Lily's forehead and said in a determined tone, "you have read

hen go to Tibet." Lily talked to Brian in excitement about her original plan.

Although Brian nodded, his eyes were on Kate all the time. Seeing this, Mary was too shy to take over her daughter and pushed her to Brian.

"……" Kate was speechless and thought her mother was such a fence sitter.

Now that Kate was back to Brian, Lily decided not to linger on. She told the whole plan to Brian and then turned around to walk away.

At this time, the four had arrived at the gate of the hospital. When Kate saw that Lily disappeared in front of a luxury car, she frowned. That car was Colin's.

If she had the chance, she would like to find out what happened to Li family twenty years ago by finding the diary Mike said. Then she would know if Colin was Juliet's kids.

After getting in the car, Kate became silent. She blankly looked at the scenery passing by quickly. Many things had happened in the past few days, so she didn't have time to sort out her thoughts.

Zoey Why did she use drugs to her? Was it because of Brian? Since the very beginning, Zoey hadn't forgotten Brian. She had married Colin only in order to get closer to Brian.

In order to get what she wanted, Zoey had done her utmost.

Her baby Just disappeared? Did she hate Zoey? Yes. If it was not Zoey, she would not lose her baby. However, hatred was of no use. She would never get her baby back.

Now she just felt very tired. What happened recently made her very tired. The low pressure in the hospital made her unable to breathe. Only when she left there could she calm down and think about other things.

With that on her mind, Kate leaned wearily in the arms of Brian, closed her eyes and fell asleep slowly. Then, Brian held her from the chair into his arms, with one arm holding her tightly.

How could he not see that she forced herself to smile? But he could do nothing to help her except caring about her. Only she could adjust her emotions.

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