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   Chapter 248 Get Back Her Consciousness

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The limousine stopped at the gate of the villa. The driver looked at his boss and didn't dare to say a word. Colin came down with documents, walked into the villa and strode to the bedroom.

Lily was taken aback when she saw the man in front of her. She had never seen a blush like this on Colin's face before, and it looked weird that the man blushed like this.

"Brother, what's wrong with you?" He shook a little and nearly fell down to the ground. Lily hurried to hold him up.

Colin handed the divorce agreement to Lily and whispered in her ear, "Lily, I'm divorced."

Colin hadn't forced Lily since the day when she was forced to have sex with him at the Li family's backyard. Lily had too many things to care about, so he didn't want to force her. Lily looked at the sheet in shock. He had divorced Zoey!

Before Lily could react from the shock, Colin had already pressed her down. This time, he didn't have to stop.

The afterglow of setting sun spread over the whole land. Some people were happy while some were sad.

"Second Master, miss Ding is waiting for you. What should we do with her?" Vivek asked respectfully.

With the phone in his hand, the soft and warm embrace in the other hand, Colin kissed Lily's hair. "Send her out of Z City, as far as possible, and find her a place to live in the small town, and pay her full money, with the excuse that Brian found a basement. She is very dangerous in Z city."

"Yes." After saying that, Vivek hung up the phone.

The woman on the bed thought that it was Colin who was with her just now, and waited Colin to pick her up with satisfaction. Vivek shook his head. Women in the world were as stupid as idiots.

"Where is Colin?" Seeing Vivek come in, Zoey asked in a hurry. Before she lost consciousness, she saw Colin leaving. She needed Colin to tell her in person that the man just now was him.

"Second Master said someone found us. Miss Ding, please pack your baggage. We are leaving now." Vivek looked at Zoey with pity. This woman is good, but it was a pity that Colin didn't like her.

"Where is Colin?" Zoey insisted.

"She went back to the company." Vivek lied.

Zoey wanted to call Colin, but she couldn't get through. According to Vivek, the basement had been found by Brian, so she hurriedly packed her luggage and left by private plane without being noticed. Then she flew out of the prison, Z city.


Doctor Ding went back to people's Hospital in Z City from abroad, William told him everything that had happened recently.

Professor Ding's brows knitted into a frown. He was shocked by Zoey's crazy action.

"Mr. Li, I feel sorry for Zoey's behavior, but as her grandfather, I still hope Mr. Li can do me a favor and do not push Zoey too hard." Doctor Ding sighed and interceded for Zoey.

William nodded, "I believe Brian won't do anything inappropriate. After all, she is the daughter-in

rophe, and the baby would be born safely.

"It's all my fault. I'm so useless. I failed to protect the baby. It's all my fault..." Kate kept crying and she thought that it was her fault. She was mad so she ran around.

Brian touched her hair sadly, "kitten, you are brave and strong. Our baby won't blame you. Maybe it is just because the baby does not belong to us. "

"No, I heard the baby tell me that he likes the family and the mommy and daddy. How could we not meet him?" Kate cried to Brian. Then she lowered her voice, "it's my fault. I didn't protect it well..."

When he saw her reproaching herself to the point of no return, Brian felt so sorry for her, heartbroken.

"We will have babies, the same baby." The only thing Brian could do was to kiss her gently to calm her down. She was not as noisy as before, but she was so sad that she could not bear it. Sometimes, he hoped that she could return to her appearance a few days ago. She was in a trance at that time. She could only think of the things before what had happened to the baby. Most of the time, she was innocent.

Kate looked at him blankly, like a child who had lost her way. She stumbled with no one to rely on. "No." She muttered, "it can't be exactly the same. If it's gone, then it's gone."

Is now gone, then gone

Looking at her helpless and remorseful eyes, Brian's heart was like being thrown into a burning stove, and it was so painful that he could not feel it at all. He tightened his arms and tightly hugged her, telling her that she was not alone and that there was him behind her. She could rely on him.

Brian's tender voice brought Kate back to reality. She could smell his exclusive smell. He had been taking good care of her. Even the most responsible nurse was not as considerate as him.

She had to be strong and no longer let him worry about her

When she left, he endured the pain of losing his child and the pain of her suffering.

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