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   Chapter 247 Lily Was Terrified

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Hearing Lily's question, Hobson was a little stunned. But the corners of his lips lifted into a smirk. He couldn't believe that she still didn't know what he wanted?

"What I want is your heart. Are you willing to give it to me?" Hobson said half-jokingly.

Lily fell into a daze. Her heart

"You don't have a heart attack. What do you want my heart?" Lily replied perfunctorily.

"Lily, you know what I mean. Everything I have done is for you." Hobson smiled bitterly.

Lily couldn't ignore the sadness and self-mockery in Hobson's tone. When she heard something similar to confession, she was moved and really moved.

But it was nothing but gratitude.

"Hobson, let's cancel the engagement ceremony. I don't deserve you. You know what kind of person I am. Don't think I am the proud and lovely princess anymore. I don't deserve your love, really." Lily said as her nose twitched.

She had no place to go or the way back. She could only be stuck in the middle without any initiative.

"Hobson, you are a nice person. You deserve a better girl. But the girl is not me. Do you understand? " Lily added.

The other side was silent for a moment, and then he said, "I'll say it again. As long as you are willing to give it up, I can not care about what happened before. I only want your present and future, not your past."

Lily was shocked and remained silent for a while. She didn't know how to face Hobson now. She really hoped that Hobson could let go of her and stop loving her, so that he wouldn't make herself so lowly.

As for her, she could do nothing. But Lily didn't want Hobson to be involved in this. At first, she didn't like his romantic behavior at school. She was even disgusted to see a playboy like him. Now she really hoped that he could be a womanizer and forget her.

"But Hobson, I don't have a say in my future. So I can't promise you anything. " Lily's words were harsh, at least they could completely hurt Hobson.

Besides, can you beat my second brother? 'Hobson, don't do this for me! Don't sacrifice the Lee family for me!'. Besides, I don't like you at all. Don't waste your time on me anymore. " Lily added, "Even if I will lead a bad life in the future and no one loves me, I don't want you to appear in front of me."

Lily really didn't want to get involved with Hobson any more. Every time she met him, she would feel guilty and moved. This would make her care about his existence. The more she cared about him, the less she wanted to be hurt.

Hobson couldn't beat Colin, who was a fox but Hobson was at most a simple little bear. She was afraid that Hobson would have been tortured as badly as Carrie by Colin, and she was also afraid that he would expose the news and bring danger to Li family.

There was another silence on the other side. Then, Lily heard Hobson's voice again. "Lily, do you like Colin?"

Lily fell into a da

the psychedelic incense.

Colin felt dizzy as soon as he stood up. With knitted eyebrows, he knew what was going on, but he walked towards the door of the basement as if nothing had happened. Zoey hugged him from behind promptly.

"Colin, I'm scared in the basement. Can you stay with me?" There was a sense of uneasiness in his voice.

Her body was so soft and feeble as if it was boneless. With a frown, Colin removed the small hand which was put in his chest, turned his head, and looked at Zoey with a pair of tender eyes. "Don't be afraid, Zoey. Someone will accompany you."

Zoey couldn't see Colin's face clearly. Zoey was shocked. She had taken the antidote. And the aroma should be useless to her. Why would she feel dizzy.

"Bye, Zoey." His low voice sounded like a narcotic in her ear. She stared at him until her consciousness gradually dispersed.

She saw that Colin left and someone came in. Someone lifted her to the bed. Was it him? Zoey desperately tried to open her eyes, but she could not, and her body could only be at the mercy of others.

When coming out of the basement, Colin felt more dizzy. He knew it was because of the incense. But Zoey didn't expect that he also drugged her when she poisoned him.

Colin took out the thick documents and pulled out a divorce agreement from the middle, on which Zoey's name was signed. Then he took out a pen and signed his name heavily, bearing his dizzy consciousness.

Zoey was still too young to fight against him. And even if Zoey would be dependent on him, Colin had always been thinking about it. Fortunately, he had really guessed right. There were so many boring documents on the contract that Zoey couldn't read it from beginning to end, so Colin put the divorce agreement between them and coaxed her to sign the name.

From now on, he was no longer Zoey's husband. He had gotten everything he wanted, and Zoey was no longer of use to him.

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