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   Chapter 246 Never Have Initiative

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When Kate saw Brian holding a bowl of steaming noodles out of the kitchen, Kate immediately lifted the quilt and dashed towards the direction of Brian. With her right arm raised high, Brian had to let her hold the bowl because his right arm couldn't move.

After a few seconds, Kate reached out her hands for the noodles in Brian's hands and shouted, "I want the noodles! I want the noodles!"

However, Kate was shorter than Brian. She had tried her best to stand on tiptoe but failed to reach the noodles.

"Okay." Brian glanced at her helplessly, put the noodles on the table by the bedside, and took her in his arms to avoid her hands touching the hot bowl.

"I want to eat it." Kate frowned and said unhappily.

By this time, William had left, and there were only two people in the room. The bowl of smoke was sending out from the smog, and the hot breath fell on their cheeks. The woman was innocent and innocent, and the man was doting on her deeply. The scene was like a warm colorful picture.

His voice became softer and softer. He came closer to her and coaxed, "honey, don't eat until it gets cold."

For some reason, Kate, who didn't like to obey others' orders and always wanted to go against others, quieted down obediently.

When Brian served Kate with the noodles, Mary happened to come in. With less hostility towards Mary, Kate rushed at the lunch box held by Mary. Silence befell Brian. "How hungry are you, little kitten?"! Brian shook his head helplessly.

At Li's mansion.

Annoyed, Juliet rushed back to the big house. But she did not see Lily and Colin. She frowned and thought that Colin took Lily to stroll around again. She took out her mobile phone and called Colin.

"Mom." Colin's voice was as gentle and polite as usual.

"Where are you taking Lily? Go home now!" Juliet frowned. She didn't care about William. Did her son and daughter also not back home?.

"Lily is in my private villa. It is close to the century amusement park. I want to take her to have a rest and return home tomorrow." Colin replied politely. What he said was reasonable. No one could doubt him.

Indeed, Juliet was a little upset about this. But once she thought about the fact that Lily had been in hospital for several days, she understood that it was not a big deal to go to the amusement park. After thinking for a while, she said, "Colin, you'd better go to the basement to live tonight. It's not easy for Zoey to live there alone."

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it," Colin didn't promise or refuse.

"Well, now I don't expect your father to protect us. I can only rely on you. Colin, don't let me down like your father." After a pause, Juliet said with a smile, "Colin, I believe that you won't disappoint mother. I have known you since you was a child."

Colin arched his brows as he naturally put his eyes on Lily who was lyi

Hobson tried his best to keep calm.

"No, he has left. But I'm not at home or the villa. You don't need to come to see me. I'm fine." Lily thought that Hobson's visit was out of his concern for her, so she wanted to make it clear to him.

Hearing Lily's calm voice, Hobson felt a little sad. Lily never wanted to accept him or tell him about this.

"Lily, is that child your second elder brother's?" Asked Hobson all of a sudden.

Lily's mouth almost popped out in shock. A chill rose from the top of her heart. She hastily denied, "no "Nope."

The little girl's unprepared and panicked tone had already revealed that she was lying.

The baby's father was Colin. Hobson had made sure.

"Lily, when did you get together?" Asked Hobson.

Lily's hands and feet were as stiff as ice, and her hand holding the phone was as cold as ice. What was Hobson talking about?

"I don't know what you are talking about. If there is nothing else, I will hang up." Lily didn't want to hear Hobson's voice anymore.

"Lily, I have knew it."

Hobson's words successfully stopped Lily from hanging up the phone. Her hands kept trembling, and her eyes were full of disbelief and panic. Hobson already knew that

How did he know?

"I have to go." Not daring to face Hobson, Lily said in a panic. She was afraid that Hobson would expose her picture with Colin, and that he would take advantage of it to threaten her.

"Lily, why didn't you tell me? Have you never given your heart to anyone? Or, have you already given all your heart to Colin? " Asked Hobson. He snorted all of a sudden.

Lily didn't dare to contradict. She kept his every word in her mind carefully, afraid that she would miss the information that Hobson wanted to threaten her. She didn't want her family to be trapped in such a terrible situation.

"What on earth do you want?" Lily was impatient and couldn't help interrupting Hobson.

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