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   Chapter 245 Being Pestering

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Marry her?

Lily was shocked. How could Colin marry her? Was it because Colin was crazy or she had a hallucination!

"Lily, don't distract me." Colin whispered in her ear.

Outside the room, Juliet urged, "Lily, Colin, we are leaving."

Lily pushed him away at once. Looking at her, Colin smiled and naturally took her hand to walk out. Lily was afraid that her neck would be exposed, so she tried her best to raise the dress a little higher.

Colin grabbed a high collar coat and put it on her. Lily was a little confused, but after putting on the coat, she could move naturally.

"Don't you leave, William?" Juliet didn't notice the blush on Lily's face. All her attention was focused on William.

"Yes, I want to see Kate. You can go back first." At this moment, William had already stepped out of the room.

"I think you are going to see Mary. William, what on earth do you want! How could you treat me like this! " Juliet looked at William coldly and began to scold him, ignoring that they were in the hospital.

She was kind enough to them last night for not rushing out of the car impulsively.

"Can you stop being so suspicious?" William looked back helplessly.

"I'm so suspicious? Who was still flirting with Mary last night! I think you want to reconcile with your old love, Mary, on the excuse that Kate is sick. In my opinion, Kate pretended to be ill, you and your son must be bewitched by Kate. " Juliet cursed, without considering the consequences.

"We'll talk at home. This is hospital." William's face turned grim

"Talk until we get home? I'm gonna say it here. Let's see who's more reasonable! " Juliet's voice was getting louder and louder.

Lily had seen how Juliet and William quarrelled. But it was their first time quarrelling in public. She was accustomed to leaning on Colin, who held her hand more tightly.

Seeing that, Hobson felt strange. If he hadn't seen the two people were kissing so passionately just now, he would have thought that Colin was just protecting his scared sister. But now, it seemed that Colin only took Lily as his wife.

"Dad, mom. I'll take Lily home first. She'll be discharged from the hospital today. She doesn't want to stay here any longer. " Colin's words interrupted their quarrel, and his voice was still as calm and gentle as water.

William ignored Juliet and went away in a huff. Seeing this, Juliet caught up with him angrily. She would never let Mary have the chance to retrieve their relationship with William. She was the hostess of Li family!

The noise in the ward quieted down again. Colin turned to look at Hobson calmly. "I'll go back with Lily. There's no need to bother you." After saying that, he held Lily's hand and walked out of the ward. Hobson wanted to follow her, but he stopped after thinking for a while.

Lily didn't need him. If she was forced to do so, why didn't she ask him for help now? Even though she didn't want to, she tried her best to protect her second elder brother and didn't want him to be exposed to the public, so she could bear Colin again and again.

In the car, Lily turned around to look at the scenery, but her eyes were not focus at all. She had been used to being ignored by her parents. As long as she was fine, they would not show any tende

"what do you want me to say?"

Hearing this, Kate cocked her head and thought for a few seconds before she said, "good morning, Daddy! Say it to Dad William!"

Brian turned to look out the window. The sun was hanging high in the sky. Was it good in the morning?

"Say it or not! Say it or not! " Kate grabbed Brian's ear and grunted.

William could not help but look at Brian, with undisguised expectations and tension on his face.

It had been twenty years since the last time Brian called William father. A naive child would grow up into a mature adult in twenty years. As time went by, they were getting farther and farther from each other. Now it was out of William's expectation to hear Brian call him father.

Hearing Kate's requirement, Brian's face changed. Only a few seconds later, it seemed a century had passed.

At last, Brian took Kate's hand gently and pointed at her nose dotingly, "I'll make you some noodles. Be good, don't run around."

Then she got up and went to the simple kitchen.

Staring at Brian's receding figure, William's face darkened and sighed weakly. It was all his fault. He was so sorry for Brian. In fact, Brian had treated him very well. But William knew that Brian still cared about his father.

That's why, though Brian hated his family very much, he would go back every time when William asked him to go back home. Sometimes, the company would take William's advice and sometimes talk with him about the business. However, the expression on Brian's face was always so calm. He could fulfill his responsibility as a child perfectly, but William also knew that Brian's heart was always suppressed.

"Dad William, don't worry. I must ask the CEO to say hello to you!" Seeing the disappointment on William's face, Kate stepped forward and promised.

William reached out his hand and fondled Kate's head. "Kate was a good girl."

"Haha!" With a big smile on her face, Kate looked at William and laughed happily.

Seeing her innocent smile, William was in a much better mood and his face full of age relaxed a little. He said with a faint smile, "Kate, you will always be the pride of Dad William."

Kate nodded in a hazy understand.

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