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   Chapter 243 better condition

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When Mary and William finished dinner and went back to the ward, Kate had just woken up. She was still indifferent to Mary when she saw her, but in fact, she didn't make trouble for her.

This pleased Mary very much. She hurriedly passed the food in front of Kate, "You haven't eaten anything for three days. You must be hungry."

Kate gave Mary an arrogant glance, picked up the plate and gobbled it up. Seeing her like a starving wolf preying on its prey, Brian man frowned and reminded her in a soft voice, "slow down. No one's gonna take it away from you."

"……" Mary was speechless. It turned out that Brian had already seen through Kate's nature.

Kate faltered. No one could hear clearly what she was saying, but her hands moved fast or slow.

"Brian! You'd better have some!" Mary grabbed a copy and handed it to Brian. Kate had been in a coma for three days while Brian had stayed with her for almost three days.

Brian nodded and took the food from Mary's hands politely. Compared with his elegance, Kate was too wretched to look at. After she ate up her own dish, she snatched the meat from Brian's mouth without asking anything.

While Brian was in a trance, his lunch box has been in Kate's hands. She quickly opened her small mouth and ate it with relish.

Embarrassed, Mary shouted, "God, why do I have a daughter?"! Why!

Compared with Mary's hysteria, Brian was very calm. He wiped his mouth elegantly with a tissue, and then wiped the rice on full face of Kate carefully. He sighed dotingly, "what a little kitten."

With her mouth full of food, Kate could not refute what Brian said. She could only stare at him and hummed proudly.

"Kate, I'm leaving now. Behave well. Don't be so naughty. I'll come to see you tomorrow." Seeing Kate finish her dinner happily, Mary stood up and said to her gently.

Kate didn't say anything.

Mary let out a sigh and looked at Kate with concern for her for a long time. Then she turned around and disappeared into the dark.

Watching her leaving, Kate was stunned for a while. Then she turned around and looked at Brian. "I think that man will beat me hard later. You should stand on my side."

"……" Brian was in silence.

'what kind of violence have Mary done on Kate? Then Kate thought you would slap her every day!

"Kitten, did she hit you before?" Brian asked curiously.

Kate nodded and said, "there is a feather duster and an iron rod which is strong enough to frighten me. I did not get a good test, so she hit me hard. Lying, hit me. Drooling at the steamed buns, she is still trying to hit me when I am home! I hate her so much! She kept beating me! "

With an aggrieved look, Brian suddenly looked at Kate in

ied her hair.

Maybe it was because the action of Brian was too gentle that the noisy woman also stopped and obediently listened to him. She stared at him with her bright black eyes for a long time. Finally, she couldn't help pinching his cheek and rubbing his handsome face.

Brian's face darkened. He looked at Kate with his black eyes. The kitten had better go crazy for the rest of his life. Otherwise, he would be too rough

Poor Kate didn't know that she had provoked so many people these days

"Be a good girl. Don't move and go to sleep first." Brian held her soft hand, and his voice was so soft that it seemed to have the power to squeeze out water. That scene would even make Kate giggle after all these years of recalling.

"Yes, yes." Kate nodded obediently, nestled in the arms of Brian, and rubbed her head against his chest. Then she grasped his ears with her hands as usual, and went to sleep.

Brian didn't understand why Kate liked pinching his ear to sleep. Brian looked at Kate with intimidating and sharp eyes, but to a woman who was in a trance, it was like playing a harp

"Baby, let me tell you a story, okay?" Kate then turned to be a good mom and smiled kindly at Brian.

Brian was speechless.

Kate continued, "a long time ago, there was a log cabin in the forest. There was a red hat and her mother living in the cabin. One day..."

She was telling a story about the little red hat and the big bad wolf. She was very emotional, and when she was excited, she would act like the cunning expression of the big bad wolf. But before she finished speaking, she grasped his ear and fell asleep.

Kate ignored Brian's pain of being annoyed by her but seduced by her.

Brian sighed softly, hugged her closer, buried his head in her neck, and fell asleep with her.

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