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   Chapter 242 Relieved

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Walking out of the gate of the hospital, Mary couldn't help squatting and crying in a low voice. She was the one who should be blamed. And Juliet shouldn't have punished Kate.

If she hadn't met William ten years ago, maybe Kate wouldn't have suffered this!

It was all her fault!

"What's up, Mary?" A pair of shiny leather shoes stopped in front of her, and a familiar voice fell into her ears.

Mary shook her head at once. It was William who accompanied her these days. She refused him several times, but he still kept her company. Although Mary didn't want that, she was touched that there was a man accompanying her.

"Kate woke up." "I'm fine now. I can rest assured when she wakes up. You don't need to come here to accompany me anymore," Mary replied with a forced smile

A few seconds later, William gave her a forced smile and said, "what are you talking about? Brian is my son, and Kate is my daughter-in-law. I'm not here to keep you company."

The words were hard to decline for Mary. It looked like she was just trying to flatter herself. "How is Lily?" she changed the subject

"Lily is fine. She just fell over and got hurt. Because the child had died in her womb, the abortion did not cause too much harm to her body. What's more, she has Colin with her all the time. It seems like I, as a father, is a fifth wheel. " William said helplessly.

"I really have to thank Lily. Without her, Kate would not only lose her baby." Since Lily was holding her, there was no bruise on Kate's body. She just had a miscarriage.

William smiled, "You're right. Thanks to Lily. But I didn't expect that Zoey would do such a thing. No wonder Lily has always been hostile to Zoey. "

Mary kept silent. She hadn't expected that Zoey, who had always been gentle and lovable, would do such a thing to Kate. Was Zoey bewitched by Juliet, or was it because of Juliet.

"Don't worry. I will find Zoey as soon as possible to bring justice to Kate." William thought that Mary was concerned about this, so he promised.

Mary looked into the distance, stupefied. Now she no longer wanted to hate anyone. No matter who she hated, Zoey or Juliet, she didn't want to resent. She only hoped that Kate could get better as soon as possible, and that Kate could walk around her lively and skittish.

She didn't care about hatred or resentment anymore.

She should have let go of what had happened ten years ago. She really didn't want to argue with these things. The things of the elder should not be handled by the younger generation. Both Juliet and she were wrong.

The elder was not same as the younger.

As Juliet's daughter, Lily and Colin were not snobbish at all. Lily would rather walk down the stairs with Kate to save her. When they were in the villa, Colin held her and spoke for them, ignoring how disgusted Juliet was with them.

The three kids were all good kids. In this case, Mary didn't want them to cause trouble for the sake of her and the Li family. It would be go

he had nothing to do with Colin let alone Colin's betrayal

"Mom, I'm really bored here. Can I ask Colin to accompany me here?" Zoey offered politely.

Juliet's face lit up with joy. "Of course. It's a good thing to bring a child back."

Zoey's cheeks turned red.

"You don't have to worry about this matter. It's Kate's own fault. Today when I went to the hospital, I saw that Mary and William were talking intimately. I won't let it go." Juliet said with hatred.

Zoey nodded. She didn't want to care about it any more. If she could escape from the pursuit of Brian this time, she was willing to stay quietly beside Colin.

She couldn't forget what Colin said to her in the car. He said, Miss Ding, I remember that you are a doctor.

She was a doctor, but she used his medical skills to kill people, almost two lives. No matter how cruel a person is, he can't hurt a pregnant woman, a child or an old woman. For the first time, Zoey realized that she had done so much wrong.

From now on, she wanted to do something for Colin wholeheartedly.

But Zoey could not help feeling strange. Back then, Colin agreed to marry her because he was dissatisfied with Kate and hoped to help her drive away her. After marrying Colin and knowing about the Li family, Zoey had thought that Colin was defending Juliet, but he didn't know what Julie had done.

Then Why did Colin marry her?

The shares of the Ding family in the Li group? Or an ordinary business marriage?

Well, she would gradually make Colin like her. At that time, it didn't matter what reason Colin married her.

After a while, Juliet left. "Have a good rest here. I'm leaving now."

Zoey nodded.

The basement was as well decorated as the bedroom, so she didn't feel wronged. Zoey sat on the bed. In her opinion, Colin was also concerned about her, but he was always modest, which made her ignore the fact that Colin was good to her.

The night fell. Huge darkness enveloped the city, leaving no space for a gasp.

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