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   Chapter 241 Be Mad Again

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The door of the ward was pushed open. Seeing that Kate was talking in Brian's arms, Mary walked quickly to the ward. "Are you awake, Kate?"

Kate looked at Mary vigilantly and hid her head into Brian's arm. Seeing that Mary was about to touch her, she waved it back immediately.

Instead of being surprised, Mary asked worriedly, "still the same?"

Brian nodded.

"Brian, go to sleep first. Even an iron man can't fall asleep after three days without sleeping. What's more, Kate has woken up. I will just take care of her. " Mary said apologetically.

With these thoughts in her mind, Mary sighed and thought, 'whoever marries Kate will be out of luck. Why is this kid so annoying?'

Three days and three nights As Kate stared at the tired face of Brian in confusion, her heart ached for no reason. She patted her chest quickly and promised, "I will be good."

Brian smiled, with a pair of long, black eyes staring at her quietly. It was not bad that she could not recover all her life. He would like to live her innocently for the rest of her life, in which he would shield all the troubles and troubles for her.

"Okay." The next second, Brian lay beside her, leisurely.

Kate couldn't help but grin when she saw the obedient look on Brian's face. But her face quickly changed when she looked at Mary. Mary was used to Kate's cold eyes. She looked at Kate with a slight smile.

Somehow, this strange smile made Kate's face shudder with fear.

"Kate, let's see how long you can go mad." With a playful look at Kate, Mary laughed so broadly that Kate failed to recognize her mother. She was very angry and thought, 'well, I haven't taught this girl for a long time. She deserves it.'.

Kate was cold. She tucked herself in and looked at Mary, who was like a devil.

Without another word, she just sat on the edge of the bed.

After a while, Kate's stomach started to growl. She touched it and found that it was much smaller than before. Fragments of the surgery flashed across her eyes, and her eyes were wide with horror.

"Babe, babe, where are you..." She muttered weakly, and the part of her heart seemed to have been removed. It was so painful that her whole body was trembling.

Zoey, Lily, Brian, mom These men flashed through her mind at once. Kate's mind was so messy. She couldn't figure out why Brian had betrayed her, why Lily had laughed at her and why Mary had another intention. All of them were pretending

Did they take away her baby?

But why do I feel that they are not like what Zoey said? What the hell is the truth? Kate felt hurt in her head. Lily rolled down the stairs with her to save her. And Mary also made money for her to earn tuition. She swore that she would be able to let her mother live the best life in the future.

Brian had always been there for her.

ad with his hands at once. Kate muttered in pain, "my head hurts. It hurts."

"Don't think too much. Everything will be fine." Brian bent over and coaxed her in a soft voice, full of deep love and affection. Even though Kate was out of her mind, she could still feel his care.

He loved her. He loved her. He wanted her to trust him, her mother, and all the people who were good to her.

Kate cuddled Brian in her arms and buried her head into his chest. His hug was so warm, as well as the warmth she relied on. When she was surrounded by cold and darkness, he was still by her side.

Her eyelids drooped heavily and her head became heavy without any consciousness. She fell asleep slowly in his arms.

Brian put Kate on the bed. He carried Kate back to the bed and carefully stared at her little face. She was beautiful, but her pale face made his heart ache.

Kate's eyebrows were still knitted when she was asleep. Then, Brian put her hand on them and gently rubbed them apart. He remembered that she slept like a child without the habit of furrowing her eyebrows, innocent and without any vigilance.

Kate would come back to her senses sooner or later. Sometimes, Brian was afraid that Kate would know that her baby she had been looking forward to was gone.

Now she still remembered looking for the baby since she was unconscious. When she woke up and found that the baby could not come back, she would be very sad.

With his fists clenched, the darkness in Brian's eyes reddened. He looked like a man who had just come from the hell with great cruelty and murderous will.

Twenty years ago, he was too young to protect his mother. Twenty years later, he still lost the child still in the womb, and he was still unable to protect what he cared.

His eyes were as sharp as swords. It was time to make those people pay the price. He would get back everything!

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