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   Chapter 239 Lily's Abortion

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"Zoey, what are you doing here?" A female voice was heard all of a sudden. Lily glared at Zoey with cold eyes.

Zoey turned her head and saw Lily standing at the foot of the stairs. She felt panic immediately.

"What do you want to do to Kate again?" Lily walked to them step by step. With her eyebrows cocked, she looked at Zoey as if she was looking at a pile of trash.

When she saw Lily approaching her, Kate was excited. "What are you doing here! Get out of here! " As he was saying, he was about to go downstairs and drive Michelle away. When Kate was about to walk down the stairs, Zoey stretched out her foot and tripped her.

But it was out of Kate's expectation. Her body shook a few times and then she fell down uncontrollably. On seeing this, Lily quickly reached out her hands to support her. Because of her little strength, Lily didn't hold her back. She screamed and they rolled down the stairs together.

"Kitten!" Brian shouted in panic as she found the staircase. Zoey turned around and ran away. There was no time for Zoey. Brian went downstairs step by step, carrying Kate in his arms and heading to the emergency room.

It was indeed a pain in her stomach, and Kate was sweating all over as her fingers were deeply embedded into Brian's clothes.

Seeing Kate's pale face, Brian's heart ached. He didn't do well enough and hurt his woman again. It was his fault.

"Mr. Li, please wait outside."

"Fuck off! I want to go in and watch her! " The doctors who were stopping him were all kicked out. However, Brian didn't open the door when they reached the door. He was afraid that his impulse would affect the doctors' operation, which would do harm to Kate.

At this time, Mary also came here. Standing in front of the door of the operating room, Brian was full of guilt and worry. The doctor had said that it was difficult to keep the baby, and now she even fell down the stairs.

Unless it was a miracle, the baby would be fine.

The door of Kate's operating room hadn't been opened yet, and a nurse came to him and said, "Mr. Li, Miss Li had a miscarriage."

"Lily?" Brian was confused

"Yes, Lily."

Everything was in a mess.

Colin, Hobson, William and Juliet rushed over. With red eyes, Brian who never hit a woman before walked over and grabbed Juliet's hair, punching her on the wall around her head. Frightened by her fierce stare, Juliet trembled with rage and didn't dare to utter a single word.

After a few seconds of stalemate, William hurried over to pull Brian away. After coming to herself, Juliet hurriedly fled away from Brian. She hurriedly walked into the ward with Hobson, looking at Lily.

After standing beside Brian for a long time, William finally sighed and turned around to leave.

All the people gasped in astonishment when they heard that Lily had a miscarriage. They didn't even know when Lily was pregnant, but now she said that Lily had a miscarriage.

"Are you sure you didn't make mistakes?" The nurse was performing the surgery on Lily, but Colin stopped her and asked her again and again.

Dumbfounded, the nurse shook her head. "Mr. Colin, miss Lily did have a miscarriage,

e the concerned and distressed expression on his face. Was it his brother's concern for his sister, or No.

"I'm going out. Colin, you follow me," Juliet stood up and said to Colin indifferently.

"Brother, don't help Zoey. Don't help her. Let her die!" Lily grasped Colin's wrist. Her eyes were as fierce as a mad female tiger.

Upon hearing this, Juliet felt disgusted but flustered.

It was Zoey who stumbled and made Kate and Lily fell off the stairs. It was unavoidable for Lily to hate Zoey. Lily hated her as she had no guts or cunning. She only said a few words. Juliet was not worried that Lily would take revenge on Zoey. She was just worried about Brian would take revenge on Zoey.

It seemed that Brian would not let go of Zoey, nor would he let go of her. But after all, she was his stepmother. And it was Zoey who made Kate fall off the stairs.

He had to make Zoey leave as soon as possible.

"Mom, let's talk about it later." Colin said slightly, "Or, in mom's eyes, daughter-in-law's affair is more important than daughter's?"

Juliet couldn't say a word. After taking a glance at Lily and Colin, she turned around and left. Even if Colin didn't help her, she would send Zoey out of Z city. Colin wouldn't help Zoey, but he wouldn't leave his mother behind.

After Juliet left, the ward was empty. Hobson peeled an apple and handed it to her, "have some food."

It was not until then that Lily realized the existence of Hobson. She asked in surprise, "Why are you here?"

He would have knocked on her head if Lily hadn't been injured. He was her fiance. How strange he was to be here?

Hobson rolled his eyes at her and answered, "passing by."

Lily took the apple and took a bite. "What a coincidence," she said

"Ahem." Seeing their little interaction, Colin was very uncomfortable. He coughed slightly to make them less unbridled.

Noticing that she was too close to Colin, Lily's face turned red. She quickly pushed Colin away, put the apple that she had taken a bite into his hand, and went to bed.

Seeing that, both Colin and Hobson didn't disturb her rest.

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