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   Chapter 237 Recovery

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As soon as she arrived at the hospital, Kate kept calm.

Mary glared at Kate, but she was ignored. She felt sad that her daughter didn't rely on her mother. This disappointed her

Lily cast a few glances at Brian too. She wondered since when her brother had become so good tempered. She still remembered that Brian was very strict with people. It was either mean or cold to everyone.

It seemed that her eldest brother really treated Kate well. Thinking of this, Lily couldn't help but sneer at Zoey's naivety. She thought Zoey was too naive. There was no third person could tear apart the relationship between Kate and her eldest brother. There was no place for a third person between them.

She didn't know why she hid that part of Colin from Brian. Perhaps it was because she didn't want to see that Brian and Colin became enemies, although the relationship between them was not so good

After they got out of the car, Brian took Kate into the hospital. He put her on the bed and was about to say something to the doctor. But Kate tightly grasped the corner of Brian's garment, preventing him from leaving.

Kate was always obedient and sensible. She wouldn't pester Brian, but now she was different from normal.

Brian didn't let her go. Instead, he ask Lily and Mary to handle procedures, and he held Kate's hand and kept her company.

After a moment's silence, Kate began to make trouble again. She frowned, pointed at Brian and shouted angrily, "you are trying to hurt me! And even hurt the baby! "

"No one is hurting you." Brian kissed her forehead and said gently.

Then he took her in his arms and let her lean on his shoulder. Kate stared at the man's ear for a long time with her bright eyes. She pulled and rubbed his ear for a while, and then Brian's pitiful ear turned red.

Brian put up with her.

The doctor wanted to laugh, but he controlled himself. The old doctor felt Kate's pulse, and observed her other appearances carefully. All kinds of medical instruments were being tested on her body.

After Brian fed Kate some medicine, he asked anxiously, "is she all right?"

The old doctor dared not hesitate for a moment as he felt Brian's fire-like eyes. He hurried to say, "Mrs. Li's nerves are severely damaged, and the fetus is seriously stimulated. The fetus's heartbeat is very weak. Whether or not we can save it depends on the fetus's fate."

"As long as she takes good care of herself, she will recover completely. But recently, she may keep in a delirious state, or sometimes she will be awake or confused." The doctor added.

Brian lowered his head and looked at Kate. She was not as vigilant and hostile as she was in the morning. Instead, she was as dependent on him as a child.

Brian smiled, reached out his hand and pinched her nose lovingly. "The kitten is so lovely."

Hearing the word "compliment", Kate laughed happily. She put her arms around Brian's neck and bit him on the neck again. 'a crazy dog likes biting, but in fact, a crazy dog also likes biting..

ated for a while and wanted to know where he was. She saved the number in her mobile phone, but rarely made a call.

After a while, someone answered the phone.

"Colin." Zoey called softly.

"What's up?" Colin's voice was very calm, but his fingers clamped well between cold and hot, just like the plain water.

Hastily shaking her head, Zoey answered in a trembling voice, "I'm fine Where did you take Lily last night? I heard that Kate is in hospital. What should I do? I am sure that Brian won't let me go after he knows it. "

A touch of irritability swept over Colin's face. He said slowly, "that's your business. I'm a little busy now. If you don't have anything else, I'll hang up first."

He didn't want to get involved in her business.

"Wait!" Zoey stopped him.

Colin frowned.

"Colin, the only person I can rely on now is you. Don't be so cold to me. I will be afraid. I am really afraid." Her voice was trembling, weak and feeble, so pitiful.

But that only made Colin more disgusted. He smiled, "Miss Ding, I'm not Brian, so sorry, I can't provide you with places to rely on."

Colin was a polite man. He never hung up others' phone first. He held the phone in one hand and browsed the data in the other, waiting for Zoey to hang up.

"Colin, a day together as couple means endless devotion. Are you going to dump me?" Zoey sobbed.

She needed someone to rely on, and someone to hold her in the arms.

Colin didn't answer. As he ignored Zoey's question, he didn't get the answer. Fragile and panicked, Zoey asked, "are you still there?" Her pitiful tone made people feel sorry for her.

It was just that Zoey found the wrong person. Although Colin was polite and gentle, it didn't mean he was a popular lover, but it didn't mean that he would coax every girl to be obedient.

At last, Zoey had no choice but to hang up the phone, with her hands clasped tightly.

Even if Colin refused to provide her a harbor, she would still do what she wanted. No one could stop her.

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