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   Chapter 235 Expose Conspiracy

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After she estimated that Colin had left, Lily opened the door stealthily. The corridor was quiet and no one was there. Perhaps she had gotten used to it, but she was still worried about Kate. So she wanted to say goodbye to Juliet and sneaked back to the villa.

There was no one in the hall. Lily didn't want to get too close to Colin, so she avoided making any noise in the hall. When she was about to knock on Juliet's door, someone's voice reached her ears.

"Zoey, what's wrong with Kate now?" Juliet asked.

"I have taken more medicine as mom's requirement."

Lily was shocked. What kind of medicine? What were they talking about? Lily always had a sensitive sense. She pricked her ear against the door to hear more clearly.

"That's good. I will never let Kate's child stay in Li family." Juliet said fiercely.

"Mom, don't worry. It is impossible for Kate to give birth to the baby." Consoled Zoey.

"Do you have any medicine?"

"Still have some left."

"Hurry back and throw it away. We can't leave any traces. Even if they suspect us, we can't find the evidence." Juliet said in a hurry.

"Yes." Zoey explained with a smile.

After a pause, Juliet continued, "I don't know why I gave birth to a girl like Lily. She has to work hard and stay away from me. If I hadn't ask her back, she wouldn't have been able to destroy my thing."

Lily's legs and hands couldn't help trembling. It turned out that her mother asked her back to find a way to let Zoey have a chance to move. She knew that Zoey had always been up to no good, but why did she have to do that? Kate had never done anything sorry to them!

"Mom, I'm going to bed." Zoey added.

"Well, don't let Colin wait too long." Julie teased.

Hearing that, Michelle hurriedly hid herself into the storage room nearby. The door of Julie's room opened, and Zoey walked out gracefully. Looking at Zoey's receding figure, Michelle really wanted to go up and tear her to pieces!

No, she couldn't stay here any longer. She had to go back to the villa to find the drug bottle left by Zoey and find the evidence.

Wait, what if the bottles were left here? Lily called Brian to tell him about this. As Brian's cellphone was powered off, she had to give up. Lying in the storage room, she thought for a long time before she came up with a solution.

She had to turn to Colin for help.

At the thought of this, Lily crept into the room of Colin and Zoey, hesitating if she should knock on the door. She knew that once she entered, she might see the scene she shouldn't have seen, but now she couldn't care that.

Taking a deep breath, Lily knocked at the door.

It was Zoey who opened the door. Zoey looked surprised when she saw Lily. Lily really wanted to ask her what drug she had done to Kate. But she had no evidence. If she said it out on impulse, she would be under house arrest by Juliet.

Not seeing the romantic scene in her imagination, Lily felt a little comforted. She looked up at Zoey and asked, "I'm looking for second brother. Is he at home?"

"He may be in the study. It is late, why do you come for h

s surrounded Lily. Colin looked at Zoey with a frown, "what happened?"

"second brother! second elder brother! Zoey drugged and set up Kate. Now let her go! " Lily hurried to say as she saw Colin.

"Colin, that's your mother's idea. If it is found out, it is your mother who should be blamed by William instead of me. At that time, your mother will definitely be expelled from the house. But do you just want to see the scene? " Zoey managed to calm herself down.

Juliet did everything for Colin's sake. Zoey didn't think that Colin would hurt Juliet.

"Brother, don't listen to her. The person she wants to hurt is a life!" Lily shouted in a hurry, and suddenly, Colin covered her mouth. Lily looked at him in panic, unbelievable.

The medicine box was taken away.

All of a sudden, Lily felt helpless. It turned out that she could do nothing alone. Kate was just a few steps away from her, but she could not tell her that someone wanted to hurt her.

The gate of the villa slowly calmed down as if nothing had happened.

A storm was on the way.

"What are you going to do to Lily?" After knowing Colin's attitude in the back seat, Zoey felt more relaxed. She was not the only one to blame even if things were to be ruined.

"It's none of your business." Colin said coldly.

"Are you blaming me for being ruthless?" Zoey could tell that Colin was not in a good mood.

Colin paused, "I just didn't expect it."

"What else can I do? If Kate does give birth to the baby, I have no chance at all." Zoey was a little tired too.

You have thousands of ways to chase her away, but you have used the worst one. Miss Ding, I remember you're a doctor. " Colin said coldly. What he hated most was that someone hurt the child. Perhaps it was because he was an orphan that he liked the child very much, whether it was born or not.

After pausing for a while, Zoey finally said nothing.

After sending Zoey back to the Li family mansion, Colin turned around and drove Lily back to the villa. He opened the door and took her back to their previous bedroom.

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